EP 295: It’s Always A Work In Progress

Aug 25, 2020 | Business Models, Podcast

The market is constantly changing.

New technology, new trends, new players.

We can either treat the constant changing and uncertainty as a threat…

…or we can treat it as an invitation to see everything we do as a work in progress.

All this month, we’ve been looking at the process of value creation–how we wind up building the products and services we sell.

We heard from Alisha Robertson about how she turned her book into the idea for a membership community. India Jackson shared how she she went from modeling to photography to running a brand visibility agency. And we heard from Michelle Markwart Deveaux about how she took a tried-and-maybe-not-so-true model for offering voice teaching services and turned it on its head to improve how she delivered value AND to make more money.

Along the way, I also shared stories from my own companies about how things have evolved and what I’ve learned as things have changed about the ways I create and deliver value–from business support to podcast production to leadership development.

So back to change and uncertainty…

…like I said, change and uncertainty is a given.

There is absolutely no point in fighting it–trying to get things exactly right or anticipate what’s going to happen next.

And you know what? That’s great!

Because at this point, it should be clear that creating value is always a work in progress.

As the market changes, our offers can evolve.

As we learn more, we can try new things.

The challenge in this is actually treating your business as a work-in-progress.

So often, I see business owners work in fits & starts–trying to solve one piece of the puzzle once and for all… only to get frustrated, take a break, and then find something else to fixate on for a while.

Whether it’s creating value, making your systems more efficient, or growing your audience… the trick to treating your business as a work in progress is consistent action. Business-building has to be a habit, not a one-off project you have to get right.

To make business-building a habit, you need a solid system to focus on what matters, a structure of getting the work done, and the support of peers and mentors who can inspire you to keep going.

That’s exactly what we do at The What Works Network.

When you join The What Works Network, you commit to making business-building a habit. Each month, we give you the focus, structure, and support you need to take your work in progress and make it a little stronger.

Together, we take consistent, strategic action to build a more effective, efficient, and sustainable business.

The What Works Network is accepting new members right now through the end of August. This is the LAST CHANCE to get in on our current pricing. The next time we accept new members, the price will be doubled.

Now, I’d actually like to introduce you to 3 members of The What Works Network: Brooklyn Resume Studio founder Dana Leavy-Detrick, Paint Is Thicker Than Water founder Jennyann Carthern, and Simple Creative Marketing founder Anfernee Chansamooth.

Each small business owners has a story about how their business–and the ways they’re creating value–is a work in progress.

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