EP 292: Figuring Out What’s Next For Your Offer With LOE Collective Founder Alisha Robertson

Aug 4, 2020 | Community, Customers & Clients, Growth, Podcast

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In This Episode

  • How Alisha Robertson got the idea for The LOE Collective, a membership community supporting women business owners
  • The process she used to figure out how the community would take shape and what features she would include
  • How her course library & Intentional Success Path help members feel at home and in control
  • Why the pricing for the community has evolved over time

“What’s next?”

The first few dozen or so times I heard this question from a customer I was perplexed—even a bit concerned.

Whether it was after a course wrapped up or a coaching engagement came to a close or a small group came to a close…

…when a customer would ask me “What’s next?”, I worried that I hadn’t done my job.

I thought maybe they wanted to know what was next because they hadn’t quite gotten what they came for. They hadn’t seen a real change or improved their situation.

It took me much longer than I’d like to admit to realize what they were really saying was, “That was great. What else can we do together?”

I realized that “What’s next?” was an invitation to create more value for the people who I was already helping—and, in turn, make a very, very easy sale.

This month, we’re focusing on how small businesses create & deliver value.

How do we develop new offers? Put together new packages? Build new products?

We’ll be deep diving into 3 businesses and how they create & deliver value.

I’ll also be sharing a series of short bonus episodes looking back at how I’ve created & delivered value over the years—and how that process continues to evolve both at What Works and at YellowHouse.Media. Plus, we’ll close out the series by hearing from a few more business owners who have found creative ways to create and deliver value through the offers they make.

As I mentioned earlier, “What’s next?” is often a question that helps you figure out how to create and deliver value beyond what you’re already doing.

A product or service that solves a particular problem might shine some light on the next problem that needs to be a solved. A product or service that creates a delightful experience might simply leave the customer asking for more.

Or “What’s next?” might simply be a request to go deeper, keep working together longer, or investigate new possibilities.

Alisha Robertson found herself with a whole bunch of customers asking her “What’s next?” after she released a book called Living Over Existing. After a lot of thought, some customer research, some soul-searching, Alisha came up with her next move.

Alisha and talk about how the LOE Collective came to be, how she’s set up her community to meet those “What’s next” needs, and how she created the Intentional Success Path to guide her members through more “What’s next” questions. Plus, Alisha shares why she also created a physical welcome kit to send to her new members.

Now, let’s find out What Works for Alisha Robertson.

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