We help small business owners build stronger businesses.

Building a stronger business requires you to step into a new phase of leadership, learn new skills, and show up in new ways.

It takes commitment and consistent action. 

And… it’s worth it. 

When you build a stronger business, you leverage your strengths and unique gifts with smart systems and strategic planning. You take the lead, make an impact, and feel fully supported by what you’ve built.

I created What Works to celebrate the unique ways we run our businesses.

Our goal is to the affirm the resourcefulness and creativity all entrepreneurs have in common. Our hope is that, by giving you behind the scenes access to how real small businesses run and connecting you to honest conversations with other small business owners, you’ll be free to discover what works for you.

My name is Tara McMullin (although there’s a good chance you might know me better as Tara Gentile). I’m the founder of What Works–as well as the host & executive producer of our podcast. I’ve been working with small business owners beyond the startup phase for over 10 years now.


Our Values



We don’t give advice. We share our experiences & work together to find creative solutions.


We don’t ascribe to a particular framework or method. Find what works for you, your family, and the community you support.


We honor the interconnectedness of entrepreneurship & leadership development, life & work.


The more you bring to the table, the more the experience is customized to you.


We welcome members from different communities, different backgrounds, different industries, and different experiences.

Shannon Paris

Shannon Paris

Community Advocate

Shannon Paris manages community development and makes sure every member knows where to go to get what they need. Before coming to What Works, Shannon worked with artisans and business owners in the world of fair trade. She’s passionate about telling stories about the amazing things entrepreneurs achieve every day.

When she’s not at What Works, she’s singing and playing the ukelele all around Lancaster, PA.

Kristen Runvik

Kristen Runvik

Member Experience Specialist

Kristen Runvik is first & foremost a small business owner herself. Her company, Lagom Body Co., helps customers turn their skincare routines into rituals. 

At What Works, Kristen loves helping new members get the most from The Network. She’s an experienced community manager and content marketer.

Sean McMullin

Sean McMullin

Producer, What Works

Sean McMullin produces the What Works podcast and assists with marketing. He’s passionate about people, books, fermentation, and house plants. He’s always wanted to edit an old-school zine, the podcast is the next best thing.


Marty Seefeldt

Marty Seefeldt

Customer Success Advocate

Marty Seefeldt handles our customer support, experience, and success. He ensures everyone has what they need and that getting it is as easy as possible. He also makes all of our technology run, researches more streamlined solutions, and fixes things when they break. In other words, Marty is indispensable.

When he’s not working at What Works, he’s a digital artist and game maker.



Have a question about What Works? Are you looking for community management consulting or strategy? Have a brilliant brand partnership you’d like to run by us?

We’re game! Let us know what’s on your mind and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Use the form here or email hello@cocommercial.co.

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