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Tara McMullin explores navigating the 21st-century economy in a humane and sustainable way. She’s known for shaking up how an audience approaches life and work through critical thinking and storytelling. Tara has been studying small business owners and entrepreneurs—how they think, how they act, and how they construct their livelihoods—for over 13 years.

Tara is available for keynotes, workshops, and facilitation for groups of any size—virtually or in person. She’s especially passionate about helping Millennials and Gen Z think about the future of work.

Tara’s first book, What Works: A Comprehensive Framework for Changing the Way We Approach Goal Setting (Wiley), will be published at the end of 2022. In it, she explores the cultural milieu of achievement and striving, while offering a different way to guide personal growth through practice and commitment.

Her work has been featured in Fast Company, The Startup, Forbes, and The Huffington Post. She’s a TEDx speaker, veteran podcaster, and bestselling instructor on CreativeLive.

Tara tailors every presentation to the unique needs and goals of the audience. She’d love to collaborate with you on the perfect presentation for your group. She’s most often brought in to speak on these topics:

  • Life & Work Without Goals: How To Build A Plan For Practice and Commitment
  • Time & Money: How Contemporary Culture Is Changing The Way We Work
  • Remarkable Work: How To Ignore The Wrong Incentives and Focus On Your Craft

Whether you’re planning a workshop for your team, a guest lecture for your students, an off-site retreat, or a virtual conference, the first step is to get in touch and share your vision. We look forward to hearing from you!


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