EP 275: Tools For Building A Copywriting Agency With Content Bistro Founder Prerna Malik

Apr 21, 2020 | Podcast, Software & Services

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In This Episode:

  • The process Prerna Malik, founder of Content Bistro, uses to create effective copy for her clients
  • Why she keeps her tools simple and isn’t quick to change them just because there are new options out there
  • How Prerna uses experience, testing, and research to push the edge and try new things with the copy she writes
  • What she did to translate her service processes into a program for other agency owners and service-based businesses

Your process is your most valuable tool.

By that, I mean that the way you do what you do, the system you use to create results, the pattern you follow time and time again is what all the value-generating activities of your business are based on.

Now, when you’re just getting started with your business, your process probably feels pretty loose and undefinable. You might even call it magic.

And so then it’s no wonder that you have trouble explaining it or documenting it—let alone putting a dollar value on it.

But as your business matures, your process (should) become clearer and clearer. You can explain it. You can document it. You can see the financial value in it.

Everything else in your business layers on top of your process to create clarity and efficiency.

Your process provides the foundation for every other tool you introduce into the way you run your business.

This month, we’re examining the tools we use to run our businesses. So far, we’ve talked through some of the tools that Sean and I use to work with clients in our podcast production agency. I talked with Jessica Stansberry about the tools she uses to run her content-driven digital products business.

And this week, I’m talking with Prerna Malik about the tools she uses to run her copywriting agency, Content Bistro.

Yes, Prerna and I get into the specific tools she uses—things like Google Drive, Notion, and CrazyEgg. But we also talk a lot about her process—how she does what she does.

Like I said, process is the most valuable tool in your business and your process should determine the tools that you use.

Prerna’s approach certainly demonstrates this. Her tools help her make her process work. They help her make her process more efficient. And ultimately, it’s her process that’s helped her build an incredible business.

Now, let’s find out what works for Prerna Malik.

Tools In This Episode:

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