EP 274: The Tools That Power A Content-Driven Business With Grit Host Jessica Stansberry

Apr 14, 2020 | Podcast, Software & Services

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In This Episode:

  • What tools Jessica Stansberry uses to run her content-driven business
  • How she knows when it’s time to switch tools and what criteria she uses to pick a new one
  • What project management tool she’d make out with if she could
  • How her systems and workflows help her get the most out the software she uses to run her business

Most small businesses today create some form of content.

Some are sporadically posting updates & photos on social media.

Others take the time to create helpful articles, entertaining videos, or valuable podcast episodes.

But there’s a whole category of small business that I would consider content-driven. In other words, these businesses rely on the steady production of content that keeps the existing audience happy while it also helps attract new audience members.

These businesses might make money by selling advertising, leveraging affiliate marketing partnerships, or selling their own digital products. And often, it’s a combination of all three.

These businesses—and the creators behind them—have a lot to teach us about the tools and workflows that can make the content we create easier to manage, more effective, and more profitable.

We’re continuing our series on the tools we use to run our small businesses…

…by taking a look at the tools a content-driven business uses to create, manage, and publish all that content—as well as how it actually drives revenue, too.

I could think of no one better than my friend Jessica Stansberry to talk content & tools with. Jessica is a YouTuber, podcaster, and fellow lover of tools.

She’s the host of Grit, a podcast about business and lifestyle design. She’s also produces videos on planning, productivity, business, and marketing for over 66,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Jessica and I chat about the hardware, software, and systems she uses to manage it all—plus her criteria for selecting or switching tools! I also asked her about the tools she uses to manage her life outside of business.

Now, let’s find out what works for Jessica Stansberry!

Tools In This Episode:

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