SPECIAL: COVID-19 And The Impact On Small Business Owners

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Well, things are weird out there.

We’re all wondering how the coronavirus pandemic will shape our lives and work in the months (or years) to come.

For many small business owners, there’s real uncertainty about how COVID-19 will play out. Many are feeling the immediate effects. More still are planning for the long-term fallout.

Now more than ever, we need honest conversations that transcend the hype, uncertainty, and panic. This is a special episode of What Works.

Normally on What Works, we talk with small business owners about what’s actually working for them. Not the hype about starting or growing a small business, but the reality of how marketing sales systems and management work on a day to day basis.

But in this episode, I wanted to have an honest conversation with three business owners who I love and respect about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on their businesses now and what they expect that impact to be in the coming months.

I’ve personally had to make difficult choices this week, as well as leading our digital community through this uncertainty. So I know that the stress of the uncertainty is real.

And while I know that nothing beats an actual conversation with another human being, I also know that, often, the next best thing is listening in to a conversation between people you trust. So that’s what I wanted to bring you today.

I invited Jacquette Timmons, Autumn Witt Boyd, and Lauren Caselli to talk with me about their experience so far dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, the impact they’re experiencing now and how they’re preparing for the future, plus what they’re both fearful of and optimistic about.

Jacquette Timmons is a financial behaviorist, the host of More Than Money, and a sought after speaker on how our choices impact our money.

Lauren Caselli is the founder of Lauren Caselli events, a boutique events planning agency specializing in events for the tech sector.

Autumn Witt Boyd is the founder of the AWB firm, a law practice that works with small business owners on intellectual property, contracts and agreements, and employment.

Now, our goal was to give you a look at what we’re thinking about and how we’re approaching taking care of business and taking care of ourselves in this uncertain time.

You’ll hear about the ripple effects we’re considering, the legal gray area we’re navigating, the way we’re planning for the short and long term, and you’ll hear about the emotional impact we’re dealing with.

One last thing before we dive into this conversation: this conversation was planned in about 24 hours and we wanted to turn it around fast. In the process, we had some tech mishaps at the beginning of the recording, so we ended up recording on a platform that doesn’t have the sound quality you’re used to hearing on What Works.

My hope is that you’ll value the conversation enough to forgive us for the lower fidelity!


P.S. We know a lot of small business owners are looking for thoughtful spaces to process what’s going on, plan for the future, and connect with people who understand their concerns. We’ve extended a 30-day free trial of The What Works Network so you can join in on the conversations we’re having there. Click here to learn more & join us.

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