EP 268: Creating A Focused & Intentional Brand With Alyssa Catalano from Studebaker Metals

Mar 10, 2020 | Branding, Podcast

In This Episode:

  • What Studebaker Metals stands for as a brand and how that shapes the choices they make about product, marketing, and messaging
  • Why they’re focused on producing genderless accessories—and how that impacts the conversations they have with customers
  • What their motto, “Slow is fast,” means and the role is plays in their brand positioning
  • How they make the choice about what stays and what goes when it comes to their product line

Strong brands are focused and intentional.

You know exactly what you’re going get from them. When a brand you’re a fan of rolls out something new, you already know you’re going to want it.

They’ve sold you before they ever showed you the product—because they were never focused on selling you a product in the first place. They’ve been selling you on the idea behind the brand all along.

Think Apple and how they leverage global attention with every new product cycle.

Think Target and how they sell out of every new design collaboration.

Think Glossier and how they’ve encouraged a generation of women to think about makeup in a new way.

Think Everlane and how I just had to try out the performance leggings they just rolled out. They’re great, by the way.

Strong brands aren’t just for big companies or mid-sized direct-to-consumer businesses.

Even a tiny business can build a strong brand.

But since tiny businesses lack the ability to invest heavily in brand-building advertising, it means the burden for brand development is on conscious, intentional choices about messaging, product development, and organic marketing.

Tiny businesses have an even greater need to stay focused and intentional if they want to build a strong brand.

This week, my guest is Alyssa Catalano, the co-founder of Studebaker Metals—a metalsmithing and accessories brand that epitomizes focused and intentional choices.

Alyssa and the Studebaker Metals team have made careful brand choices about everything from how they style their products to how their products are categorized to the tools they use to craft their products to the messaging behind the products.

Alyssa and I talk about the unconventional choice to produce unisex accessories, why slow is fast and what that has to do with their brand positioning, and how their brand plays out in advertising, plus the roles of timelessness and place in how their brand is built.

Now, let’s find out what works for Alyssa Catalano!

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