EP 183: What’s Working In Professional Networking With Rebelle Con Founder Shannon Siriano Greenwood

The Nitty-Gritty:

  • Why Shannon Siriano Greenwood decided to explore lifestyle design by bringing people together at Rebelle Con
  • How she is currently expanding her professional network and meeting new people to support her
  • The #1 mistake Shannon sees people make while networking for their small businesses
  • What surprised her about the way attendees network and build relationships at Rebelle events
  • How Rebelle Con is expanding this year to help even more small business owners near Richmond, VA build their personal networks

Behind every major or minor success in my business is a relationship with someone who inspired me, challenged me, or hooked me up.

So despite the fact that professional networking excites me as much as a root canal, I wouldn’t be here without the relationships I’ve built.

What I’ve learned over the last 10 years is that I can make business networking work for me. I don’t have to attend cocktail mixers or even meet up with strangers at conferences.

What’s worked for me is using the communication tools that light me up to expand my network, meet new people, and form the seed of new relationships. Today, I’m using Instagram Stories & direct messages to connect with new people. I’m also exploring LinkedIn and, of course, I regularly develop stronger relationships with people in The What Works Network.

Once I’ve established a new relationship using one of those tools, I can go deep on a Zoom call, at a coffee date, or between sessions at a conference.

Or, even here in an interview!

Case in point, my guest today is someone who I got connected to through a quick exchange on Instagram, an introduction via email, and then a deep dive interview.

That chance connection I mentioned was with Shannon Siriano Greenwood, the founder of Rebelle Con and the Rebelle Community, in Richmond, VA.

I thought Shannon would be the perfect person to answer the question:

What’s working in professional networking today?

After all, Shannon is the mastermind behind how hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals have met, bonded, and become friends since the conference was started in 2017.

Shannon and I talk about her personal networking style, the mistakes she sees small business owners making when it comes to expanding their networks, and how she purposefully structures events to make meeting new people easier.

Do you have an unconventional way of expanding your personal network? Do you make networking a priority in your weekly schedule? I’d love to hear from you. Find me on Instagram—I’m @tara_mcmullin—tag me in post or shoot me a message!

Now, let’s find out what’s working in professional networking!

By Tara McMullin

Writer, Podcaster, Producer. Founder of What Works.

Feb 14, 2019

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