EP 228: Trusting Yourself & Your Decisions With Coach Katie Linder

The Nitty-Gritty:

  • How podcaster & coach Katie Linder uses her Radical Self-Trust framework to ensure her life and goals support her confidence
  • Why she finds confidence in sharing the work she’s most passionate about as she’s creating it
  • The 6 foundational pieces of the Radical Self-Trust framework
  • How she uses “cross walking” to match her to-do list with her values

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How to Trust Yourself As An Entrepreneur

Showing up and being seen can be a real mind-bender.

Every post we make on Instagram, every video we record for YouTube, every blog post we write, every email we send, every client consultation we do…

They can all feel like an invitation to have others judge whether we have our shit together or not.

So we work really hard to present as polished, professional, and confident.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Looking polished, professional, and confident—whatever that means to you—is great.

But it becomes a problem when the image you’re trying to portray becomes disconnected from what you actually feel.

What happens when I show up looking like a powerhouse but feeling like an impostor?

I can tell you exactly what happens to me when I show up looking like a powerhouse and feel like an impostor: I end up hiding.

Sometimes I literally hide: in my hotel room, away from social media, ghosting on relationships.

Sometimes I hide more metaphorically: not setting clear goals, not saying what I really mean.

It’s at these times when finding my confidence, trusting myself, and showing up to be seen is most important.

My guest today is facing challenges like these head-on.

Her name is Dr. Katie Linder and she’s the creator of the Radical Self-Trust Podcast Channel. Katie developed the Radical Self-Trust framework as a way of helping herself and her clients source a new level of trust and confidence in themselves so they can overcome any obstacle.

I wanted to find out the personal and professional challenges that led Katie to document this process…

…and, of course, I wanted to hear more about the process itself.

Katie and I talk about the self-doubt she struggled with initially while launching her business, how she balances the public persona of confidence with lingering self-doubt, and how showing up & sharing actually gives her confidence.

We also discuss the Radical Self-Trust framework and how it can be used to discover a new path forward.

This candid conversation with Katie is part of a whole series we’re doing here at What Works on confidence. We want to shed light on how small business owners continue to find confidence, long after they’ve taken the leap to get started.

Throughout this month, you’ll hear about finding the confidence to come back after a major loss, experiment & iterate, stick with the plan, and regularly level up. When we’re not posting new conversations here on the podcast, we’re sharing personal essays and reflections from What Works Network members on how they find the confidence to take the next step.

To get the full series delivered to your inbox—and check out what we’ve already released—click here.

Now, let’s find out What Works for Katie Linder!

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