EP 254: Transforming Your Business Model With Growth & Impact Strategist Toi Smith

Dec 10, 2019 | Business Models, Growth, Podcast

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The Nitty-Gritty:

  • Why Toi Smith made the shift from virtual assistant to online business manager to growth & impact strategist
  • How she reassessed the true value behind what she was offering her clients so she could rework her business model
  • What eliminating exploitative business practices from her own model has taught her about creating value
  • How her rates, working hours, and client load is different now that she’s built a business that helps her take care of herself

Business is an experiment.

You try something, you get a result, you learn. Then you try something else.

Little by little, the learning adds up to a business that works.

But often, our learning leads us down a path that earns some money and keeps us busy but doesn’t really let us thrive.

Discovering “what works” can feel like a dead end.

In other words…

…success can make you feel stuck.

You’re your own boss. You’ve got good clients. You have plenty of work to do.

By many accounts, you’re successful.

So it can be really tempting to just make do with what you’ve got—even if it is slowly and relentlessly grinding you down.

So what happens when “what works” is actually grinding you down and making it hard to take care of yourself?

That’s the question we’re exploring today.

It’s a question I’ve asked myself several times during the course of my own business.

There have been plenty of times when what’s working in some ways just wasn’t working for me as a human being. There have been times when what works has turned into what worked—and I needed to rethink my business in a way that would contribute more to my own well-being.

Today’s guest is Toi Smith—a growth & impact strategist who has wrestled with this same question.

Toi and I talk about how her identity and business model has shifted from virtual assistant to online business manager to strategist and why each pivot was necessary. We also talk about the ups and downs of making these changes and the impact each shift has had on her rates, working hours, and client load.

Pay close attention to how Toi talks about her mindset shift away from thinking of her work as labor and into thinking of it as thought partnership and leadership.

She’s had to dismantle and reassemble the way she thinks about how she and her business creates value in order to realize the full potential of her own entrepreneurship.

Now, let’s find out What Works for Toi Smith!

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