EP 151: Doing More With Less With SystemsRock Founder Natasha Vorompiova

Sep 25, 2018 | Mindset & Identity, Podcast, Product Development

The Nitty Gritty

  • Why Natasha sold her digital offerings business arm to focus solely on 1:1 work — and how she gained two clients through sending out an email
  • How she found ways to bring more of herself into her business
  • Why Natasha uses affirmations to become the best business owner she can be and what her daily routine looks like
  • Where she noticed limitations in her personal life and how they impacted her business

Natasha Vorompiova wants to help you amplify your impact through systems. That might look like organizing and optimizing your inbox or clarifying how your business operates. But Natasha isn’t just passionate about systems: she’s always looking for ways to optimize her own life and limitations to show up with more clarity in business. In this episode, she shares just how she does that through affirmations, paring down to just one-on-one clients, and much more.

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Bringing your whole self into business

“I’ve stopped separating who I am in life and who I am in business. I realize more and more, I’m just this one single person and my weaknesses, or things that don’t go well for me as a person in my day-to-day life, those same things show up in my business.” — Natasha Vorompiova

Separating yourself from your business is nearly impossible as an entrepreneur. Any shortcomings in your personal life show up in business just as much as your strengths. That’s something Natasha recently learned and started to tend to more.

“I started looking for patterns,” she says, “where things don’t work overall in business or in my personal life. I started noticing what doesn’t work and tried to concentrate just working on that element.” For example, Natasha wouldn’t voice her opinion with some individuals in her personal life. That bled into her business and she’d struggle with having an upfront conversation with a client.

True to her nature, Natasha decided to focus in on that personal shortcoming to see if she could improve it. And she did, making it that much easier to have tough conversations and ask her clients deep questions. “When I started to allow myself to ask questions that were a bit more confronting and not just systems focused, we are able to discover so much more,” she adds.

Who do you need to be to achieve your goals?

“I started paying very, very close attention to who I need to be in order to achieve something. That’s how I can then make sure that the action I take leads to the goals that I want to achieve.” — Natasha Vorompiova

Have you ever felt like your goals were unattainable because of your (real or perceived) personal limitations? Without paying close attention to what you’re aiming for, it’s easy to slide off the path. That diversion comes by way of procrastination and avoidance, says Natasha.

“When I begin procrastinating or avoiding something, I know I need to confront that versus just pushing through it,” she says. At the end of the day, “the goal itself or the money is not what we’re after,” says Natasha. “We’re after what that goal represents or what it will allow us.”

How about you? Is there somewhere in your life that bleeds into the way you operate your business that might negatively impact it? Is there a way that you can focus on it so that you’re able to realign with your path forward?

Using affirmations to reach your goals

“The process of it made such a big difference and impression on me the very first time because I was able to feel and connect to that statement on a totally different level.” — Natasha Vorompiova

Have you ever used affirmations as a mindset tool to reach your goals? For Natasha, it was something new — but something she was willing to try. She began using affirmations to set her frame of mind around growth, changing clientele, and the service that she aims to provide.

She reads the affirmations every morning before she starts her work day. It puts her in the right frame of mind, she says, and is her version of meditating. “It’s my time and it’s something where I feel I’m doing more with less,” she adds.

Listen to this episode to hear more from Natasha Vorompiova from SystemsRock on how to do more with less, how and why she uses affirmations to prime her mindset before her workday, and how she sets goals.

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