EP 279: Leveraging Masterminds For Support With Startup Pregnant Founder Sarah Peck

In This Episode:

  • Why Startup Pregnant founder Sarah K. Peck started organizing mastermind groups & experiences before she was even a business owner
  • How Sarah facilitates conversation among group members for maximum results
  • Why mastermind groups are less about getting answers and more about getting in touch with your own inner knowing
  • The role that mastermind experiences play in her business today and how her business model is structured (including pricing)
  • Why structure is such an important part of creating highly effective mastermind groups

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What would we do without the internet?

I mean, really.

I have access to a global library of information and ideas in my pocket at all times.

If I have a question, I can typically find an answer in less than 60 seconds.

And how about online learning?

If I want to learn a new skill, there’s probably a YouTube video or a CreativeLive class or an ebook that will teach me what I need to know.

It’s probably impossible to quantify the amount of new skills I’ve picked up thanks to the internet.

And how about the people that the internet brings together?

You know I love online communities, social networks, and just finding random connections between humans you would have otherwise never met.

The internet gives me access to people all over the world.

Information, ideas, learning new skills, meeting new people and connecting with old friends… the internet, with all its faults and foibles, can be an incredible place for support.

But at some point, learning new information, acquiring new skills, and even meeting new people starts to come up short.

At some point, as my guest today says, you realize that their aren’t external answers to internal questions.

You realize that beyond access to the world’s information and citizens… you need access to yourself: your own inner knowing.

One way I’ve gotten access to myself—my own inner knowing and decision-making—is through mastermind groups.

Last year, at an in-person gathering of one of the masterminds that we run at What Works, one participant told me that they didn’t really need anyone to tell them what to do with their business. They knew exactly what they should be doing. Instead, they said they needed people to ask why they weren’t doing it.

That’s why they were in the mastermind group.

To me, that’s the perfect illustration of how a mastermind group can support business owners who are committed to—not just learning a new marketing skill or figuring out how to launch a new product—but to becoming a more whole entrepreneur and building a business that works exceptionally well.

I’ve been running mastermind groups of one sort or another for about 5 years and I have a lot to say on the subject. But I didn’t want you to just get my thoughts…

So I invited someone equally as passionate about masterminding as I am, Sarah K. Peck, the founder of Startup Pregnant.

Sarah was on the show before talking about how the Startup Pregnant podcast got started—but the whole business and community of Startup Pregnant has evolved and grown a ton since then. Check out Episode 134 for our original conversation.

Today, Sarah and I jam about masterminding—how we participate in masterminds, how we facilitate masterminds, and how we leverage them in our businesses. We also talk about the role masterminding plays in how you get support as an entrepreneur and we talk through how we structure sessions for the best outcomes.

Now, let’s find out what works for Sarah Peck!

Additional Resources on Masterminds:

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