EP 246: Learning From Your Mistakes With Leadership Developer & LMFT Rebecca Ching

Oct 29, 2019 | Mindset & Identity, Operations, Podcast

The Nitty-Gritty:

  • How Potentia Therapy founder Rebecca Ching learned from key mistakes she made bringing her vision to life
  • What she does differently today when she’s finding the right people for her team
  • Why learning to lead has made her less lonely as a business owner
  • The process of self-reflection that allowed her to stop debating her own worthiness despite her setbacks

If there’s one constant in business and entrepreneurship, it’s that stuff happens.

Things go wrong.

We make bad choices.

The market shifts.

An employee leaves.

The big client gives notice that they’re terminating your contract.

We can’t always prepare for what’s going to go wrong—but we can work on becoming more resilient when bad things do inevitably happen.

This month, we’ve been sharing conversations all around the topic of resilience.

We’ve looked at why we don’t push through to our goals and finish the projects we start. We’ve explored the natural and not-so-natural pivots that happen over time. We’ve examined how expectations can get out of hand and what it looks like to coach yourself through 2 decades of business ownership.

Today, as we close things out, we’re going to take a good, long look at actually learning from our mistakes.

I spoke with one of my oldest business friends, Rebecca Ching, about some of the mistakes she made when she took a huge leap forward in her therapy business and opened a multidisciplinary brick & mortar practice. Today, Rebecca is both the founder of Potentia Therapy and an Integrated Leadership Coach helping entrepreneurs and leaders navigate the complexities of leadership today.

Rebecca shares both the errors in her execution and the errors in her thinking that led to some difficult years.

She also gets into some deep reflection around her personal identity and sense of worthiness that really resonated with me. For many of us self-described “achievers,” making a mistake or failing at a venture isn’t just a set back—it rocks us to our core.

If that’s you too, I think you’ll especially appreciate this conversation.

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Now, let’s find out what works for Rebecca Ching!

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