EP 230: Finding The Confidence To Come Back After Major Loss With Book Coach Jodi Brandon

The Nitty-Gritty:

  • Jodi Brandon took nearly 2 years away from full-time work on her small business to care for her dying mother
  • When and how she made the decision to step back from her business and step up for her mom
  • How she kept things going behind-the-scenes while she wasn’t working normal hours
  • Why her confidence took a hit when she returned to full-time work
  • What she learned about running her business through the process of returning & rebuilding her confidence

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Small business owners—especially women—take time away from work for all sorts of reasons.

I’ve already spoken with Catherine Orr and her business partner Elena Rue, who took simultaneous maternity leaves. I spoke with Rebecca Tracy who takes extended time away for rock climbing and hiking.

Others take sabbaticals or take time away to write books.

On a regular basis, though—and much more frequently than I would have ever guessed as a clueless 26-year-old just getting started—small business owners take time away from their businesses to care for sick or dying family members.

It makes a lot of sense in many ways.

Small business owners work flexible schedules. We often have more passive revenue streams that might keep money trickling in even if we’re not actively working. We can work from anywhere.

But small business owners also have a lot to lose.

We could lose clients, the audience we’ve built over years of hard work, the brand reputation we’ve worked so hard for, the team we’ve trained…

Of course, when it comes to family, it’s worth the risk.

So what happens when it’s time to come back to your business? What happens when you sit down to your desk for the first time in weeks or months? What do you do first? How do you feel? What do you set your sights on?

These are daunting questions. And they get to the heart of the crisis of confidence that comes from stepping away from a business for an extended period of time—often unexpectedly and without a real plan.

Today, my guest is someone who has lived this scenario.

Jodi Brandon has more than 20 years’ experience in book publishing. Today, her passion is working as a book coach and editor for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to serve their business with a book.

Jodi took 2 full years away from her business full-time to care for her mother. We talk about how she made the decision, the challenge of trying to keep up, how she felt when she started back in her business, and how she’s adjusted both her work and her mindset.

This conversation with Jodi is part of a month-long series on confidence and entrepreneurship called The Candid Confidence Project. To get the full series delivered to your inbox—and check out what we’ve already released—click here.

Now, let’s find out what works for Jodi Brandon!

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