Episode 92 – Creating Luxury Brands With an Emphasis on Impact With Alicia Johnson

Jul 11, 2017 | Podcast, Profit Power Pursuit

This week, Tara speaks with veteran brand strategist and Creative Director Alicia Johnson. Alicia has been leading iconic brand turnarounds for over twenty years with her husband media artist Hal Wolverton. They’ve lead creative on high-profile projects such as the award-winning rebrands of Comedy Central, Jaguar, and BBC America. The couple operates their brand boutique Johnson & Wolverton studio from their farm studio in New York’s Hudson Valley, balancing major automotive and broadcast media projects with their own personal projects.

Tara and Alicia speak about the recent shift of big brands leading with a message based on values and mission, how luxury is redesigned around the choice to make an impact, and how a health scare forced her to create space for more of her personal creative projects.

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