This week Tara speaks with Chris Mittelstaedt the founder and CEO of The FruitGuys, a business that serves farm-fresh fruit to offices across the United States as a way to help companies provide healthy offerings to their employees at work. Started in San Francisco in 1998, and self-funded all the way, The FruitGuys now has a staff of 155 and delivers fruit from 15 locations to thousands of offices Nationwide every week. Chris and his company are perfect examples of a how simple idea a dogged focus on what works can turn a fledgling business into a thriving empire.

Chris and Tara talk about why he chose to focus on the corporate market instead of the consumer market, how he created an expansion strategy that actually reduced his risk, and why philanthropy has become such an important part of their vision as a company. Be sure to stick around til the end where Tara and Chris geek out a bit about the role of business in society and its ability to support the communities we live in.

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