Most small business owners move struggle with moving beyond the endless hustle and experimentation of the startup phase. You’re tired of trying to keep up with the hot new thing and throwing time and money away on guesses. You’re ready to act with more confidence, intention, and resolve.

Tara gave this talk for you. First delivered at the Quiet Power Strategy® Summit in Portland, OR in April, it’s presented here as a special episode of Profit. Power. Pursuit.

After working with small business owners for over 7 years, Tara believes that a key ingredient in successful small business growth is the management mindset. At some point, you have to stop guessing and start acting decisively to break through revenue ceilings, move past roadblocks, and overcome hurdles.

Tara calls this skill self-leadership. By honing your self-leadership, you prime your brain to grow your business, make more money, and achieve more satisfaction from the company you’ve started.

Check out Tara’s catalog of classes dedicated to successful business ownership and growth at CreativeLive.

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