Episode 041 – The Right Brain Business Plan with Jennifer Lee

Jul 19, 2016 | Podcast, Profit Power Pursuit

Tara McMullin is a writer, podcaster, and producer who explores what it takes to navigate the 21st-century economy with your humanity intact. Click here to support this work.

On today’s episode Tara talks to Jennifer Lee, author of The Right Brain Business plan and Building Your Business the Right-Brain way. She helps creative people who cringe at the thought of writing a business plan find creative ways to turn your dreams into a moola-making enterprise. Before starting her own business, Jennifer was a consultant for Fortune 500 companies like Gap, Inc, Accenture, and HP.

Jennifer and Tara talked about her current Right Brain Business Plan and how it’s helping to evolve her business, why she decided to retire her successful Right Brainers in Business video summit, and how she manages her time as a creative business owner.

Check out the Right-Brain Business Plan with Jennifer Lee right on CreativeLive.

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