EP 177: Evolving Your Entrepreneurial Mindset With Life, Listened Co-Founder Meagan Francis

Evolving Your Entrepreneurial Mindset With Life, Listened Co-Founder Meagan Francis

The Nitty-Gritty:

  • Why Meagan Francis chose to walk away from her successful content marketing business and start working for someone else
  • Why she decided to head back to entrepreneurship and go all-in on a podcasting business
  • How her mindset evolved from venture to venture
  • The changes Meagan has made to her own role in her business and the way the company operates because of her new entrepreneurial mindset

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What would it take to walk away from your business?

What would the circumstances need to be to convince you that taking a job and heading back into the office was the right decision to make? 

Maybe for you, it would be an irresistible offer. Maybe it would be an unforeseen problem with the business. Maybe it would be a big family change or a move across the country.

There are plenty of reasons that small business owners close up shop and head back to the job market. And there are plenty of reasons they return to do business for themselves, too.

At the heart of any change from owner to employee—and back again—is an evolving mindset and fresh perspective on your identity.

Meagan Francis, founder of Life, Listened, discovered this for herself as she made the transition from the owner of a content marketing business to the employee of a marketing & communications firm to the head of her own podcasting business.

The lessons she learned in these transitions and the mindset shifts she made in the process apply to any small business owner.

Meagan and I chat about what prompted her to close up shop, how she made the decision to return to small business ownership, and how she’s doing things differently now that she has a fresh perspective and mindset.
Have you learned a valuable lesson from your own business transition?

Have you evolved into a new mindset as a business owner because of a big change? I’d love to hear from you! Hit me up on Instagram—tag me or DM me, I’m @tara_mcmullin

Now, let’s find out what works for Meagan Francis!

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