EP 213: What’s Working In Finding New Fans With SEO Coach Kim Herrington

What's Working To Find New Customers With SEO

The Nitty-Gritty:

  • Why Kim Herrington believes start content creation is the key to building your audience and getting off the social media treadmill
  • How she used 20 targeted articles to boost a website’s traffic by 1000%
  • The tools she uses to discover what to create content about and the technique she uses to maximize their potency for search
  • How she bridges the gap between social media and SEO to get the best results

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Social media success isn’t the same as business

I spend about an hour every morning looking through news and culture websites. I hit CNN, Slate, and Vox, and then I open up Apple News to see what I might be missing from more unusual sources.

The other day, an article on Buzzfeed caught my eye.

First off, yes, I love me some Buzzfeed. Sometimes you just need cute dog pics and funny parenting tweets to bring a smile to your face.

This article was neither about cute dogs nor parenting tweets.

It was about an Instagram influencer with over 2 million followers who wasn’t able to sell 36 shirts to her audience.

That’s a conversion rate of fewer than 2 thousandths of a percent.

Now, I gotta hand it to Buzzfeed. Their angle was to curate a bunch of tweets that contained genuinely helpful marketing lessons in response to this debacle.

Most of those tweets were along the lines of knowing your customer and what they want to buy.

Fair enough.

Unfortunately, that’s not how a lot of people go about “winning” at the game of social media. It’s all about churning out content that will get the likes.

Churn and churn and churn.

And to what end?

Hopefully, sales, of course. But so often, the sales just don’t come.

My guest today wants to offer a remedy for the churn and burn that is audience-building on social media…

…a remedy that is much more likely to lead to sales and time saved.

Kim Herrington helps online entrepreneurs and influencers conquer the content creation treadmill with SEO and marketing strategies to build traffic and empower them to achieve their goals. She’s worked with people like Sarah Von Bargen, Paul Jarvis, and many more to increase organic traffic as much as 1,000%.

Kim is also the founder and Creative Director at Orsanna, a digital marketing agency that focuses on day-to-day marketing. Her agency’s client list includes brick-and-mortar stores, product designers, doctors, dentists, law firms, manufacturers, and other small businesses.

I asked Kim what’s working when it comes to SEO today—not just from a technical standpoint, but from the perspective of building audiences hungry for the products or services we offer. As part of our “what’s working” series, Kim shares her own experience working with clients and how SEO has helped them build much bigger audiences.

We talk about what SEO actually is and how creating the right content can bring leads who are ready to buy straight to your website.

Kim also shares some straightforward ways to organize your content so you get as much “juice” from it as possible.

We’ll get into today’s conversation in just a minute—but first, this is exactly the kind of thing we talk about inside The What Works Network.

We break down assumptions and get real about what works. We critically examine the hype and look for the honest-to-goodness truth. We share the lessons we’ve learned the hard way so others don’t have to make the same mistake.

If you’re ready for that kind of grown up talk about running and growing a small business, now is the time to join us inside The What Works Network.

Membership is open for a short time—and when you join now, you can attend our virtual conference on Building Your Audience, as a complimentary benefit of your membership!

Go to explorewhatworks.com/network to learn more and join us.

And now, let’s find out what’s working to grow your audience through SEO!

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