EP 276: Tools For Building An Online Personal Training Business With Holly Myers and Arryn Grogan From Lift With Holly & Arryn

Apr 28, 2020 | Podcast, Software & Services

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In This Episode:

  • How personal trainers Holly Myers and Arryn Grogan use systems and software to run a thriving online coaching business
  • Why they invest in new training and certifications as tools to use in their business
  • What coaching online has allowed them to accomplish
  • What tools they use to communicate with clients, produce a library worth of content, and build programs for people to purchase

My routine has been disrupted.

It’s been six weeks since I’ve been to the gym and I’m quite certain my neighbors are very confused about what I’m doing with the kettlebells in the backyard.

Like most gym-goers, I’ve been experimenting with working out from home and hoping that my gym family is well.

Luckily, I also have an Instagram gym family—and they’ve been motivating, educating, and challenging me since long before this all started. It’s been so fun watch them re-learn how to do business overnight while, at the same time, providing an immense amount of leadership for the people they care about.

Now, all that said, this episode sounds like a no-brainer—but I assure you, it was recorded weeks before every gym in America shut down.

This week, we’re taking a look at the tools that personal trainers use to run their businesses online. And since I realize that you’re most likely not a personal trainer, I want assure you that this episode is still full of interesting ways to think about your business and the tools you use to run it.

My guests today are Holly Myers and Arryn Grogan from Lift With Holly And Arryn. They were running an online personal training business before taking your personal training business online was corona-cool!

I found Holly and Arryn through my Instagram gym family and fell in love with their joy, strength, and precision. Their content is incredibly useful and very fun and real at the same time.

Because Holly and Arryn specialize in training other coaches on the techniques they’ve mastered, they realized that online coaching was a great fit for them early on. Instead of constraining their client base to their hometown, they’re able to coach people from all over—and coach while they’re on the road, as well.

In this episode, we talk about the tools and systems they’ve used to build their online training business—including the equipment they prefer, the software they use for coaching, the system they use for putting together programs, and how they build content for Instagram.

We also talk about some of their favorite tools for working on the road.

Now, let’s find out What Works for Holly Myers and Arryn Grogan!

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