EP 179: Reimagining The Coaching Business Model With Business Strategist Kyla Roma

If you're a coach struggling with your business model, this is for you. Click through for new ideas about how to structure your coaching business! #businessmodel #entrepreneurpodcast

The Nitty-Gritty on Kyla’s Coaching Business Model:

  • How business strategist Kyla Roma created a new coaching business model that combines both her needs and her clients’ needs
  • Why Kyla decided to change things up and what constraints inspired her to innovate on what was working
  • The unique coaching program structure and technology Kyla uses to respect her clients’ lives as “rich tapestries”
  • How much time delivering personalized coaching services takes in her new model (it’s less than you’d think!)
  • Why Kyla decided to narrow the scope of her program to just a couple of key outcomes

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It’s easy to think that, as a life, business, or health coach, there’s a specific business model that you’re supposed to follow.

In fact, I’ve been hearing exactly that from business owners for years.

First, they work on getting 1:1 services dialed in, then they jump into group coaching, then they start building out their programs into online courses or workshops. Eventually, they plan to retire 1:1 coaching and group coaching… and enjoy their carefree new lives of selling online courses and snapping selfies from Cabo.

Here’s the thing: there is no such thing as “the coaching business model.”

Plenty of successful life, business, and health coaches—along with money, mindset, and productivity coaches—run their businesses in all sorts of creative ways. But, if you’re not paying attention, you could easily miss what they’re up to and how their businesses work.

Today, I’m going to take you behind-the-scenes of one such creative coaching model. 

My guest today is Kyla Roma. I’ve known Kyla for years and I’ve always respected the way she balances the creative and the analytical. 

Kyla’s approach to business coaching and strategy is no exception. About a year ago, Kyla started pioneering a new model for the way she’d deliver business coaching. In our interview, we go behind-the-scenes of how that model evolved and how it works today.

Kyla and I chat about what prompted the idea, how she structures the coaching program, the unique way she incorporates technology to make the program more human, and how she markets the offer.

If you have an innovative coaching model—or your business defies the conventions of your industry—I’d love to hear from you, too! Hit me up on Instagram where I’m @tara_mcmullin. Shoot me a message and tell me what works for you!

Plus, you can grab Kyla’s guide to 3 profit mistakes that service-based and teaching businesses make by clicking here.

Now, let’s find out what works for Kyla Roma!

If you're a coach struggling with your business model, this is for you. Click through for new ideas about how to structure your coaching business! #businessmodel #entrepreneurpodcast

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