EP 259: Managing The Creative Process With Brooklyn Book Doctor Founder Joelle Hann

Jan 14, 2020 | Creativity, Podcast

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The Nitty-Gritty:

  • How Brooklyn Book Doctor founder Joelle Hann manages the process of book writing for her clients
  • What her book coaching experience taught her about creating and managing a group book proposal writing program
  • The tools Joelle uses to track her clients’ progress and coach them along to completion
  • Why it’s key for Joelle to consider the human element at every stage of managing a book writing project

What happens when project management and the creative process collide?

I think we expect a mess. A gnarly pileup of missed deadlines, unrealistic task lists, and artistic prerogative.

But what if the creative process was manageable?

What if there was a way to do your best creative work while also honoring your commitments to the more objective pieces of your project?

That’s the question we’re asking today.

Managing the creative process is exactly what my guest, Joelle Hann, does.

Joelle is the founder of Brooklyn Book Doctor. She works with authors to help them complete their book projects—whether it’s crafting the proposal or completing the manuscript.

Her job is to be as much creative partner as it is project manager.

After Joelle and I wrapped up our conversation, she told me: “the human element is a huge piece of the puzzle.”

And, honestly, if you listen for this idea throughout this interview, I think you’ll see what she means.

Joelle has become a master of managing for the human element in the creative process. And while Joelle has to manage the human element with her clients, we have to do this for ourselves every day.

I believe that all business owners are creatives in one way or another. Whether your version of creativity is expressed in product development, code, design, marketing, or management, you’re creative.

And that means we’re tasked with managing the human element—that’s us—in the creative process each day.

It’s the reason we can fail so epically at developing systems, documenting our work, or shipping new work. It’s the reason we can expect a team to follow our procedures while ignoring them ourselves. And it’s the reason why the technology we use and the way we approach that technology can make such a difference in whether we follow through on the work or not.

Be sure to listen to this conversation for not only some ideas on working with your customers or clients—but working with yourself.

Joelle and I talk about the tools she uses to manage different types of writing projects, what she’s learned about managing projects for creative people, and how her project management system blossomed into its own offer for working clients through the book proposal process.

Now, let’s find out what works for Joelle Hann!

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