EP 272: Making Your Brand Personal With Stasia’s Style School Creator Stasia Savasuk

Mar 31, 2020 | Branding, Podcast

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My brand is more “me” than ever.

Which is funny because, up until 2017, my brand was my name.

That year, I made a conscious effort to move away from my personal brand and build out a company brand, something that could represent an idea that was much bigger than me.

At that same time, I started to do some significant personal work. I drank less. I ate better. I started moving my body. Later, I did a heap ton of mindset work. I discovered the great outdoors.

I started to feel like a new person… and at the same time, I started to feel more myself. More comfortable with myself. More confident, more whole.

Along the way, the brand I was building evolved. It created a space where I could fully belong—as a leader, a businesswoman, and as a human.

I wasn’t playing at who Tara Gentile was anymore. I wasn’t hoping to become something that I really wasn’t. I wasn’t putting on a nice dress and fancy makeup and hoping people would trust me.

I could just be me.

We’re closing out this month on branding by getting personal.

We’re looking at how who we are informs what we create and how those brands evolve over time.

Like I mentioned, my business brand is more “me” than it’s ever been.

Just because my brand represents a company and a community doesn’t mean that it’s not extremely personal.

So whether your business is represented by your name and your face or whether you’re building something separate from you, there’s a lot to dig into in this episode.

Today, I’m joined by Stasia Savasuk, the creator of Stasia’s Style School. Stasia helps people find the courage, clarity, and congruency to rock their personal style.

I wanted to showcase her story during this month as a way of helping you reexamine the stories and patterns that we inadvertently fall into because of what we believe it takes to fit in, to be professional enough, or to earn credibility.

Stasia’s personal story—and how she’s turned her passion into a thriving business—will shed light on all the hangups you might have about your personal style and the way your personality plays into the brand you’re building.

We chat about how Stasia realized she was fitting herself into imaginary boxes, how the birth of her first child changed how she approaches her own body & style, how she finds the guts to dress the way she wants, and how her personal style informs her personal brand.

Now, let’s find out what works for Stasia Savasuk!

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