EP 166: What’s Working In Live Video Broadcasting With Crowdcast Founder & CEO Sai Hossain

The Nitty Gritty

  • The live video broadcasting opportunity Sai Hossain saw for creators and entrepreneurs that inspired him to create Crowdcast
  • How small business owners are generating leads with live video and 2 key ways they are using live video to drive revenue
  • How live video is working for small business owners today as they build audiences and nurture relationships
  • Plus, the inside scoop on the future of video broadcasting and some features coming soon to Crowdcast

Must See TV might be all but a thing of the past but there is still one place where appointment television is alive and kicking: live video broadcasting.

Today, you can get up close and personal with your favorite brands, celebrities, influencers, and entertainers streaming places like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live. Plus, you can hang out with a community of fans, ask questions, and suggest topics while you watch.

But live video broadcasting isn’t just for internetainers. By 2021, live video is projected to be a $70 billion industry and small business owners and emerging creators are using it for big business results.

So, how, in the current environment, are business owners using live video to power their businesses?

Sai Hossain, founder and CEO of Crowdcast, is leading the charge. He’s taking live video broadcast beyond the webinar to build audiences, nurture relationships, and drive revenue.

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Helping people share their knowledge

“How can I create a new live video experience that is really focused on conversation?” – Sai Hossain

While on a retreat in Costa Rica with creators and thought leaders, Sai learned about a key challenge influencers faced in expanding their audiences and spreading their messages: outdated webinar software and clunky online course platforms.

He discovered an opportunity to help creators and entrepreneurs share their knowledge, host conversations, and gather their communities together.

Sai created Crowdcast to solve this problem.

Live video broadcasting is an evolving market

“We know that the world of live streaming is going to merge with the world of live seminars.” – Sai Hossain

As small and creator-owned businesses push the limits of social media and live video, technology is evolving to meet demand. Live video platforms are constantly rolling out new features and programs.

Sai and his team are talking with users, watching the trends, and adapting Crowdcast to meet demand, too. They’ve recently rolled out features that allow for better lead generation and payments–with more on the way.

More than just webinars

In the past, when creators, influencers, and online business owners thought “live video,” they thought about webinars. However, Sai sees an opportunity to create beyond the traditional webinar format. From his perspective, the distinction between audience-building and revenue-generating content is a blurry one.

Crowdcast users are creating regular live shows, interacting with their audiences in Q&A sessions, and hosting roundtable discussions.

They’re creating content in real-time–even when they’re not launching or selling. Live video can create that coveted “know, like, and trust” factor fast when creators and marketers put relationship-building and content first.

This content can both build community and drive revenue over time.

Crowdcast for activism

“I would say the biggest issue with tech companies and bigger businesses in general is that they don’t have a very clear stake on either side of issues.” – Sai Hossain

Live video broadcasting is an incredible opportunity for movement makers, non-profit organizations, and activists to spread their message. In the same way small businesses use live video to build audiences and generate revenue, activists can use live video to build community and drive donations.

Crowdcast offers, for free, Crowdcast for Activists as a virtual auditorium and broadcasting platform to the folks who need the support in making a big difference. They are supporting the people who are doing good work and building a sustainable business at the same time.

The Crowdcast team is proud of their core values and what they stand for. By providing live video they are supporting activists organizations like Moveon.org and the Women’s March in building a more humane, inclusive, and fair world.

Give Crowdcast A Try

Crowdcast is CoCommercial’s favorite live video solution. We use it for multi-session events, Q&A calls, broadcasting to Facebook, hosting roundtable discussions and so much more.

If you decide to give Crowdcast a try, go to cocommercial.co/crowdcast and you’ll help support the work we do here at What Works at no cost to you.


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