EP 324: 4 Patterns That Make Relationship-Building A Challenge

Feb 25, 2021 | Customers & Clients, Mindset & Identity, Podcast

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A big part of how I do what I do is by spotting patterns.

As a podcaster, I’m looking for the patterns in the stories my guests tell me.

As a business coach, I’m looking for the patterns in how a business is functioning or how a business owner is approaching a challenge.

As a community builder, I’m looking for patterns in how people connect and ask for help.

As a producer, I’m looking for patterns in content, perspective, and voice.

We have a lot of patterns when it comes to our relationships. And I’ll spare you the impromptu podcast therapy session and assume that you’ve noticed some of yours.

My own patterns include conflict avoidance, overgiving, and ghosting–that’s my non-technical term for my pattern of just disappearing from relationships.

I have good relationship patterns, too. Of course, those don’t make for entertaining and educational podcast episodes.

All this month, we’ve been examining the relationships in our businesses and how we make them stronger. We looked at our relationship with our customers, our relationships to our team members, and our relationships to our community and internet neighbors. We even looked at our relationships to ourselves and our businesses.

This week, we’re going to step back and take a look at the patterns that often make nurturing our relationships difficult.

A couple of these patterns are overt–and a couple are more stealthy. As you listen, I encourage you to pay less attention to the specific patterns and stories we’re diving into today and pay more attention to your own curiosity at how your own relationship patterns are at play in your business. You may or may not see these exact patterns and stories as your own–but I know that your own patterns are influencing YOUR story.

You’re going to hear from 4 different business owners today and I’ll help you unpack the very common patterns that I see at play in each story. My goal isn’t to pathologize or armchair diagnose. I just want to help you hear what I hear in these stories and celebrate the ways these business owners have overcome their patterns made really great choices for them and their businesses!

Today, you’ll hear from coach Carla Reeves, real estate broker Page Huyette, coach & podcaster Shawn Fink, and attorney-turned-community-builder Ali Zucker.

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