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So refreshing in a sea of “do more” and “grow faster.”

Tara is fantastic at really looking at the nitty-gritty details of running a business.

Every small business owner should listen to this podcast. Tara, thank you!

Being here puts me in contact with entrepreneurs that make me stretch my thinking about my business.

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Managing Multi-Level Projects With Kaye Publicity Founder Dana Kaye

by Tara McMullin | What Works Podcast


EP 224: Building Confidence Through Consistent Action With Shatterboxx Design Founder Jamie Varon

Jamie Varon made a big lifestyle change over the last few years and I wanted to know where she found the confidence to do life differently as a small business owner.

We talk about the year she spent living and working in France, how she’s redefined satisfaction for herself, and how she balances setting goals with finding peace in what already is. We also talk about the very real implications these changes have had on her business and professional success.

EP 214: Creating Content That Stands Out with Awkward Marketing Creator Rachael Kay Albers

Rachael Kay Albers is a marketer who hates marketing. As the founder and creative director of RKA ink, a branding, web design, and digital marketing studio, Rachael has helped hundreds of small business owners all over the world stand out online without selling their soul or playing the manipulation game.

When not crafting epic, unforgettable brands for her clients, Rachael hosts Awkward Marketing, a business comedy show blending fun-size small business advice with storytelling and sketch comedy, for entrepreneurs who want to create epic, unforgettable brands online.

EP 210: Doing Less To Achieve Your Goals With Do Less Author Kate Northrup

As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and mother, Kate Northrup has built a multimedia digital empire that reaches hundreds of thousands globally. She’s committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Kate teaches data-driven and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress.

EP 199: Leveling Up Using A Simple One-Day Event With The CEO Retreat Creator Racheal Cook

Racheal Cook is the creator of Sweet Spot Strategy and the CEO Retreat.

Racheal and I talk about how she came up with the idea of the CEO Retreat, how it solved a persistent problem for her clients, and what her greatest fear about hosting the event was. We also discovered how the idea has evolved and the role it plays in her business today. Hint: it’s big!