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Work has evolved.

But the way we work has not.

Explore a new philosophy of work for the 21st-century. And challenge your assumptions about achievement, productivity, and efficiency.

There is a critical mismatch in our work lives.

Outdated expectations of how we should work create obstacles to doing remarkable work in more humane ways.

If we want a more inclusive, sustainable, and life-affirming approach to work, we must rethink work from the ground up.

We must practice work in a way that empowers us to:

Respond to uncertainty, surprise, and new situations with patience

Learn to solve problems and make sense of complexity with intention

Embrace ambiguity and flexibility without sacrificing our needs

Adapt to changing information with care and compassion

Cover of What Works book by Tara McMullin

A Radical New Approach to Goal-Setting

What Works: A Comprehensive Framework to Change the Way We Approach Goal-Setting

Nuanced, rigorous exploration. What Works is a thought-provoking antidote to the overhyped productivity narratives keeping us stuck in shame and validation spirals. This book, and Tara’s oeuvre more broadly, serves as a brilliant guide for emphasizing presence and process over rigid metrics and external markers of success. A rich, hearty meal for the mind, I was only sad to put this book down when it ended.”

— Jenny Blake, podcaster & author of Free Time and Pivot

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Think Differently about Work, Culture, and the Economy

It’s easy to lose your way in the 21st-century economy. The world of work and business is changing so rapidly that you might be focusing more on how to keep up than how to live a meaningful life. What Works is a podcast for entrepreneurs, independent workers, and employees who don’t want to lose themselves to the whims of late-stage capitalism. Tara offers a distinctly interdisciplinary approach to the discourse around business, work, and personal growth.

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How the Push for Efficiency Changes Us

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Managing Mental Health in the Achievement Society

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How Does An Idea Turn Into An Asset?

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The Strange Logic of Value in the Attention Economy

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