In this week’s episode, Tara chats with Patrice Perkins, the principle attorney of Creative Genius Law and an American Bar Association recognized legal rebel. Patrice founded her legal practice in 2010 after realizing the creative business community was underserved by attorneys. Why? Her creative friends told her, they didn’t trust attorneys to understand their needs or allow them to be creative. Patrice seeks to change all that by helping entrepreneurs and businesses protect their intellectual property, leverage it into financially successful businesses, and protect the legacy of their work. Patrice has developed a fascinating social media strategy to support her mission and Tara wanted to learn more about it.

Patrice and Tara talk about where she gets ideas for her posts, how she bucks conventional thinking by creating long-form content on Instagram, why she repurposes her best content, and how her social media use has lead to new client consultations and more.

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