Episode 107 – Hiring Best Practices with Patrice Perkins

Nov 14, 2017 | Podcast, Profit Power Pursuit

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For this week’s special episode, we’re sharing a clip from Tara’s latest class on CreativeLive, “Create a Hiring Plan & Grow Your Standout Business”. In this class, Tara helps you prepare your business for hiring. Whether you’re bringing someone new on board next week, next year, or next decade. We focus on the necessary mindset, organization, and systems your business needs to make it a great place to work for yourself or for others. Then we tackle the process of interviewing, evaluating candidates, onboarding your new team members, and managing performance.

During the class, Tara spoke with Patrice Perkins, a lawyer and the founder of CreativeGeniusLaw. They talked about the legal ins and outs of hiring employees, how to know whether a new teammate should be an independent contractor or an employee, how to protect your intellectual property when bringing new folks on board, and what not to ask on a new employee interview.

We’re sharing that interview here today on the pod, enjoy!

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