Episode 043 – Time Management & Connecting with Big Brands with Erin Dollar

Aug 2, 2016 | Podcast, Profit Power Pursuit

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In today’s episode Tara talks to Erin Dollar, artist, textile designer, and founder of the home decor brand Cotton and Flax. Her striking hand drawn patterns set her textiles apart as a blend of fine art and fine craft, and Erin’s work has been carried in retail stores across the USA and Canada, including West Elm and CB2. In addition, Erin loves to connect with other creative entrepreneurs to share her the rich artistry of traditional printmaking techniques, as well as her expertise in social media marketing for creative businesses.

Erin and Tara talked about how she gets in front of large retailers, how she is able to price to sell price her products for profitability, and how she manages her time even when larger retail orders come in. You can learn more from Erin by watching her CreativeLive courses, Connect with Your Customers on Social Media, and Intro to Screen Printing.

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