Episode 031 – Bring a New Product to Market with Christopher Hawker

May 10, 2016 | Podcast, Profit Power Pursuit

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Christopher Hawker is the founder and president of Trident Design, LLC. He started his career as an inventor while still in high school and considers Trident itself to be his greatest invention. Trident Design is an award-winning product design and commercialization firm based in Columbus, Ohio. They work with inventors, startups, and corporations to develop and market products ranging from housewares to consumer electronics to medical devices.

Chris and Tara talked about the process of bringing a product to market, the importance of extensive research, and the system he uses to all but ensure a new product will sell. Even if you’re not developing physical products, pay close attention to the strategies he uses and the systems he puts in place so that you can apply them to your services and digital products.

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