EP 264: Leading A Growing Community With Rebelle Founder Shannon Siriano Greenwood

Feb 11, 2020 | Community, Podcast

The Nitty-Gritty:

  • The “fetal position” moment that led Shannon Siriano Greenwood to start Rebelle
  • Why belonging, inclusivity, vulnerability, and authenticity are the top values the community leans into
  • How the details and design of each event help bring the values to life
  • How she sees her role as a leader within the Rebelle community
  • How she’s managing the growth of Rebelle so that she ensures its values continue on

Stepping up as a leader takes a willingness to walk a fine line.

On one hand, you become a leader because there is a community, an organization, a group, or a movement that you care passionately about. Your leadership is an expression of belonging at the same time it is a question of possibility.

On the other hand, as a leader, you have a responsibility to set the tone, to hold others accountable, to make decisions for the group, and set standards. Your leadership is product of always being a few steps in front of the rest of the group.

Whether you’re leading a team, a community, your current clients, or a bevy of customers, every small business owner is a leader. Which means you—yes, you listening right now—are walking this fine line whether you realize it or not.

This month, we’re examining leadership and specifically how we lead with our values—and turn those values into systems and action.

One way that we, as leaders, can make sure our values are known and that our actions support the kind of culture we want to create within our businesses, is by recognizing our role as members of the group we lead.

If you’re leading a team, you’re a member of the team.

If you’re leading a community, you’re a member of that community.

If you’re leading a movement, you’re a member of that movement.

Yes, you have a role and responsibility that is separate from that—and often takes up much more of your time and attention. But you’re in it, too. And that’s important.

Last week, Erica Courdae shared that one of the ways she leads is by modeling how she wants her values to play out. She shows up and does the work just like she wants her staff to.

This week, my guest Shannon Siriano Greenwood, echoes something similar. When I asked her how she views her role, she told me that she sees herself as much as a member as a leader.

In my own business and The What Works Network, this is also how I’ve learned to see things. If I model the kind of behavior I want to see play out, others will follow my lead. If I show up as a member in our community, others will mirror what I do.

That’s not how I used to operate, though. I used to think that being a leader meant distancing myself from the people I lead. It meant being different and doing differently.

What I’ve learned is that being a leader is both/and.

I’m both a member of my community and the one that sets the standards. I’m both a member of my team and the one that makes the plans. If I’m careful and thoughtful, I can do both.

And now, it’s time to get to this week’s guest. I’m thrilled to bring Shannon Siriano Greenwood back to the podcast.

Shannon is the founder of Rebelle, which started as a conference and grew into a whole community of women who believe they have the power to define, design, and create her own version of success.

Shannon and I talk about how she became the leader of the Rebelle community in the first place, how she and her team design each event to bring their values to life, and what her role is within the growing community and event series. We also talk about how Shannon is ensuring that the values that make Rebelle great are represented as the community grows.

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