EP 257: End-Of-Year Mailbag Episode With Tara McMullin

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We’ve had a helluva year here at What Works. We’ve talked to over 100 small business owners, published more than 80 episodes, and tackled 12 different themes this year.

What Works is special because we focus on the people who are making their businesses work every single day.

We believe we all have a lot to learn from each other—and the more honest & transparent we are about how our marketing, operations, tools, product development, or sales processes work, the better chance we all have for success.

On this episode, it’s no different—except, instead of me being the one asking the questions, you are!

Here’s what we covered:

  • 2:20 What are the best ways to grow your organic reach on social media today?
  • 12:48 What kind of structure have you used for in-person strategy intensives?
  • 19:31 What’s working for you right now as you deal with capacity challenges in a 1:1 service business?
  • 28:46 What trends do you see coming in 2020?
  • 36:08 How did you come up with the name for YellowHouse.Media?
  • 38:24 What are your biggest business lessons from 2019? What marketing will you continue in 2020 and what will you stop doing?
  • 49:58 How have you leveraged the symbiotic relationship between your podcast and your community?
  • 55:21 Still running Facebook/Instagram ads in 2020?
  • 56:43 Who manages your finances and payroll? We use Gusto and recommend you do, too (we receive a small commission when you sign up)!
  • 57:49 What has been your biggest business challenge in 2019?

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Cover of What Works book by Tara McMullin

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