EP 237: Discovering What Scales With Writer & Maximum Impact Founder Katey Schultz

Sep 19, 2019 | Growth, Podcast

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The Nitty-Gritty

  • How writing mentor Katey Schultz knew she wanted to scale up her Monthly Mentorship program
  • What she did first to scale… and why it wasn’t enough to meet her goals or her personal needs
  • Why some big mindset shifts were key to seeing the real opportunity—and how a moment of deep fatigue opened the door to an important aha moment
  • How Katey settled on a format for serving many more writers in much less time

Scaling up often requires zoning in.

What I mean is that, most of the time, a business doesn’t actually scale up the whole of what can do. It scales up one small piece of the puzzle.

The result might be focusing on a particular outcome you can create for clients. It might be focusing on a particular aspect of your methodology. It might be creating leverage from a particular component of the brand. It might even be a particular feature or component of your value proposition.

And, quite often, businesses choose the wrong thing to focus on.

A business that’s not operating at scale can be good at many things. But which one of those many good things will be the key to scaling up?

It’s easy to see how the wrong choice gets made.

My guest today had a business that resembles so many: one that required her constant input, expertise, and care just to stay afloat.

While she felt like it was already a success in many ways, Katey Schultz (get Katey’s free guide to using flash storytelling to power your content marketing) realized that her business wasn’t really meeting her needs. She wanted more of a challenge. She wanted more time. She wanted more money.

So Katey started to look at how to scale her offer, a monthly mentorship for writers.

This conversation is the story of her journey to do that. We talk through the mindset shifts she needed to make, the experiments she ran, and the aha! moment that made her realize she’d scaled the wrong thing.

Now, let’s find out what works for Katey Schultz!

A good story, in about one page or less, is a powerful and genuine way to sell things. Katey is offering What Works listeners a guide on how to do just that. Get the free PDf here!

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