EP 125: Writing Content For Results with Content Direction Agency Founder Lacy Boggs

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The Nitty Gritty:

  • Why Lacy is producing fewer “how to” articles and, instead, focusing on “riffing” on the leading edge of content marketing thought leadership
  • How she’s developing a process for asking for referrals after realizing her top clients come through that channel
  • Why her priorities have changed when it comes to growing her email list–and why she’s stopped using content upgrades to find new subscribers
  • How she makes sure none of the work falls through the cracks even as her client load and her team has grown

Today, we’re catching up with Lacy Boggs in a special episode recorded live on Crowdcast. Lacy is a content strategist and Director of The Content Direction Agency, which helps online small business owners communicate and connect with their audiences through authentic, organic, and values-driven content.

Lacy has been honing her business model, adjusting her own content marketing strategy, and growing her team over the last year.

Figuring out what’s not working is just as important as figuring out what is working–especially if you want to cut back on your workload and cultivate sustainable operations in your small business. Lacy shared that she’s been intentional about figuring out where her clients come from and reducing the amount of time and effort she puts into marketing activities that don’t yield the kinds of clients she’s really looking for.

For her, that means backing away from email list growth-at-all-costs and, instead, putting an emphasis on showing up in communities where her ideal clients hang out and writing content that positions her as an authority worth trusting.

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