EP 129: Building a Client Pipeline With Communication Rebel Founder Dr. Michelle Mazur

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The Nitty Gritty:

  • How Michelle created the “3 Word Rebellion” framework that brings her new client leads
  • Why Michelle uses a free consultation to book new clients
  • The importance of Being Boss’s Chalkboard Method for knowing how many clients she needs at any time
  • How Michelle has optimized her schedule to make 1:1 client coaching more sustainable

In this episode, I catch up with Dr. Michelle Mazur (episode 53) for another special LIVE episode of the podcast!

Michelle founded Communication Rebel on the belief that communication changes the world. To do that, Michelle helps business owners, executives, and thought leaders craft their 3 Word Rebellion, their speech, and their positioning and pricing so they can get booked. The speakers she works with have generated incredible results like booking a $10,000 speaking gig, raising 3x the amount of money expected for the launch of a charity, and becoming an international speaker in front of world leaders. She lives in Seattle with her adoring husband, 3 obsessive felines, and a huge collection of Duran Duran memorabilia.

Michelle made her “lead magnet” and her first offer one and the same

Instead of spending time creating a piece of lead generation content that was separate from her initial offer, Michelle uses her 3 Word Rebellion framework 2 ways.

First, it’s freely available right here. She acknowledges:

There will be a small percentage of people who can do it. They can nail their 3 Word Rebellion on their own; they don’t need any help. And… the majority of people struggle with this because they are so close to their message.

Once she’s delivered the framework and given people a chance to give it a try on their own, she shares why it can be so difficult to come up with it on your own. This opens the door to make an invitation to work with her to craft your 3 Word Rebellion.

Michelle doesn’t take any speech coaching clients that haven’t first completed their 3 Word Rebellion–her seed offer.

She’s learning to make an offer much, much sooner

What I’m realizing is that people want to find out how to work with you a lot sooner than you think. I know everybody thinks you have to do so much nurturing and give 3 or 4 emails of packed-tight content but we have to start making the ask sooner!

Because Michelle’s lead magnet is perfect for people ready to work with her right now instead of 6 months from now, she’s started to realize that people want to find out how she can help right away.

The big takeaway here–and I was so excited Michelle spoke about this–is that, if you make your marketing assets much closer to the “buying” part of the customer journey, you’ll need to spend less time in nurture mode and can get to the sale right away. You’ll not only move people through the process faster, but you’ll end up losing fewer clients to competitors because they want help now… not at the end of your 26-part email automation sequence.

Learn more about how Michelle is building a client pipeline and turning lookers into buyers by listening to the full episode below or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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