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About What Works

We are making the future of work the present.

We help entrepreneurs, indie workers, and creatives navigate the 21st-century economy without losing their humanity.

We use written and audio storytelling to explore questions about more sustainable, more humane, and more culturally-aware work. We drew on philosophy, economics, sociology, anthropology, media theory, and history to provide context for the challenges we face in late-stage capitalism.

Who are What Works readers, listeners, and followers?


Leaders & Change-Makers

The What Works audience is highly educated, curious about social issues, and influential in their own networks. Some lead teams, many lead audiences, and still others are making change one-on-one. They’re founders, independent workers, and creatives of all types.

In The Market

What Works listeners and readers are always in the market for new ways to grow their businesses or increase their influence. They’re interested in products that help them live rich lives at work and beyond. They value doing business with companies that are driven by more than profit.


What Works helps listeners and readers find new ways to express their values through how they work and what they create. They align themselves with brands that do the same, especially on issues like climate justice, gender, pay equity, social justice, and labor.

What Works readers, listeners, and followers are:

  • Majority female
  • College-educated
  • Experienced business owners or independent workers
  • Between 35-54 years old
  • Most live in the United States, with significant followings in Canada, the UK, and Australia

A Deep Niche with a Wide Reach

What Works Podcast

“This is one of the most well-researched and thought-provoking entrepreneurship podcasts I’ve ever listened to.”
— Bev, 5-Star Review

Weekly Downloads: 7,000

New Episode Listens: 1,800 (30 days)

Total Episodes: 400+

What Works Weekly

The newsletter for humans navigating the 21st-century economy. Essays, articles, and guest columns on the intersection of work, culture, and personal growth. Plus, curated picks from around the web!

Subscribers: 6,100+

Open Rate: 40+%

Social Media Content

What Works is known for thoughtful and informative social media content across Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Instagram Followers: 12,000+

Twitter Followers: 16,100+

LinkedIn Followers: 2700+

Average Weekly Impressions Across Channels

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What Works Newsletter

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What Works Newsletter Ad Placement

What Works Podcast

One 30-45 second ad before the main body of the episode (approximately 4-6 minutes from the start). One 15-second post-roll ad placed before the credits.

What Works Newsletter Ad Placement


Posts display your Instagram handle or company name in the graphic(s) and are tagged as branded content. This placement can be swapped for LinkedIn placement depending on your brand strategy.

How Your Sponsorship Dollars Are Used

Your sponsorship dollars allow us to work on free, public content full-time. Your brand investment supports extensive research and impeccable production across our channels. 

We also use sponsor dollars to invest in reaching new readers, listeners, and followers—which means that your ad is seen by more people every week.

Starting in Q2 2023, your sponsorship dollars will also support a fund to pay freelance contributers so that we can diversify the perspectives shared on What Works.

Supporter Package

Lower Investment
$1000/per month
  • 30-second mid-roll ad in each podcast episode
  • 15-second post-roll ad in each podcast episode
  • Highlighted text link after main body of each newsletter
  • Logo & blurb on “What Works Recommends” website page
  • 2 Support Packages available each month with approximately 9 insertions

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