Make A Plan You Can Truly Commit To—

No Matter What Comes Your Way

4 LIVE 90-minute workshop sessions
January 12, 14, 19, 21
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Most plans fail or get forgotten.

One week we’re diligently working the system. And the next, we’re overwhelmed and drifting aimlessly.

Sometimes it’s because we overestimate what we can (or should) accomplish. Sometimes we choose goals that just aren’t that meaningful to us. Sometimes life throws us a curveball (or 12).

Can you really create a plan that acts as an anchor for your life and work?

Can you create a plan you can stick to even when things are up in the air?

Yes, you can.

The Commitment Blueprint is a game-changing system for making a plan you can truly commit to no matter what comes your way.

You will reorient your life & business, shift your mindset, plan for the future, and focus on what matters most with your day-to-day work.

    Hi, I’m Tara McMullin.

    I created The Commitment Blueprint because I was tired of losing track of my plans…

    …and beating myself up about it.

    Despite being an avid goal-setter, plan-maker, and prolific creator, I was stuck.

    I kept going after other people’s goals and following other people’s dreams.

    I couldn’t keep up with the rigid task management system I was using. Well, actually, I didn’t want to keep up with it.

    And I kept losing track of important projects and chalking it up to a change of priorities.

    Instead of searching for yet another planning or goal-setting system, I realized that I needed to build a framework from the ground up—something that could bend and flex as things changed and I gathered new information. I needed a choice about the work I was doing every day and I needed an easy way to keep track of it all.

      The Commitment Blueprint approaches goal-setting, planning, and execution differently.

      No goal-setting

      We don’t start planning by setting goals. Instead, we set commitments. Your commitments are the compass you use to make decisions, change behavior, and focus on what matters. They might lead to goals—or they might not.

      Life & business work together

      Once you’ve set your commitments to guide you personally, you’ll use them to set strategic priorities to guide your business. Instead of having life and business at odds, your life and business are moving in the same direction.

      Integrates long-term, mid-term, and short-term views

      Instead of keeping big picture goals and day-to-day work separate, The Commitment Blueprint helps you keep your eye on what’s happening today, what’s happening soon, and what you’re building towards in the future.

      Resets unhelpful mindset & behavior patterns

      A big reason that plans fail or get forgotten is that they’re based on an uninformed perspective of how we work. We all have blindspots. We all have patterns of self-sabotage. We all act in ways that disrupt our ability to create what we most want to create. The Commitment Blueprint is designed to help you unearth those patterns, notice how they impact our work, and gently shift them.

      Not rigid

      Most of us have schedules that can change, mental health that wavers, or outside influences on our capacity that impact how much we can get done. The Commitment Blueprint celebrates progress—not perfection—and outcomes are icing on the cake, not a reward to be won. That means that this planning system is inherently flexible and can be adapted no matter what life throws at you.

      Gets real about our overcommitment (and undercommitment)

      We’re a chronically overcommitted society. And that means we frequently undercommit our time, energy, and mental bandwidth to the things that are truly important to us. The Commitment Blueprint will help you sift through your preexisting commitments and build a plan around them.

      The Commitment Blueprint is designed to reset our cultural conditioning to constantly strive for more while creating a structure for focusing on what’s most important to you.

      As an Enneagram 3, I’ve really struggled with goal-setting in the past because I’m so naturally achievement-focused that if I set a goal, I’m gonna ACHIEVE that goal… no matter what. Even if it’s the WRONG goal. Even if my physical and mental health deteriorated because of it. So, I have to be really careful about how I approach goals (and even viewing them as goals in the first place).

      The Commitment Blueprint allowed me to figure out a way to separate the achievements themselves from what I actually wanted to commit to — what I really wanted to focus on in a way that feels flexible (so if the target needs to move or I take my life or business in a different direction, that’s ok).

      It also helped me really recognized everything that sucks up my time and my bandwidth. The view that we put in the commitments we’ve already made before we look at planning for the future has helped me manage my capacity, incorporate more rest in my life and have a real understanding of how much time projects really take.
      Susan Boles

      Founder, ScaleSpark

      The Commitment Blueprint is perfect for you if…

      We created The Commitment Blueprint for small business owners like you. You’re looking to change up how you set goals, plan for the future, and execute tasks so you can celebrate progress over perfection and adapt your planning in an unpredictable world.



      • Setting goals or making plans for yourself or your business seems impossible right now—or maybe goals and plans never really seemed to work for you
      • Overachieving has been your lifelong M.O. and you’re ready for a more holistic approach to planning & goal-setting
      • Predicting your capacity—your time, energy, mental or emotional wellness—is a challenge
      • Trying to stick to rigid planning or task management systems makes you feel more stuck—not less
      • Rebelling against systems that eliminate your agency is your modus operandi but you’d love a little more structure to work with
      • Having a choice about the work you do, the way you spend your time, and the projects you move forward is an important part of how you thrive

      “Incorporating the dashboard and implementing what I’d learned from the live workshops felt so right and natural, I didn’t even realize how well it was working for me. I like how it helped me see the big picture of my business. Listing out the projects for the next 3-6 months on one page makes a huge difference. When I get a new idea, I don’t have shiny object syndrome or FOMO.”

      Thien-Kim Lam

      Founder, Bawdy Bookworms

      “Can’t say enough about this workshop series. It was a mini private retreat for me to work on ME + MY business–and make some big aha moments. For me, it’s not just about goals, and don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with goals, I’m an ace at goal-setting and strategizing BUT this workshop series went deep for me and into the things that are less talked about–the underlying reasons that will keep me COMMITTED to my decisions–even when the storm comes.”

      Audrey Kwan

      Systems Strategist

      OMG, this whole process is waking me up to letting go of work that’s been paying the bills but isn’t taking me to my vision. SO helpful to be in this program and think so clearly over the week. WOWZERS!

      Susan B.

      Sooooo much to dive into after this! Thank you so much!

      Yvonne M.

      This equation feels so freeing to me for some reason. I like the mindset of exploring and data collecting, not the binary of good/bad, in/out of the other metrics.


      Thank you for this great program. I’ve got a lot to process and implement!

      Cynthia M.

      So wonderful! Thank you all. I feel like I can get my business out of the pandemic slump in a re-energized way.

      Cheryl R.

      Going to staycation and pull away from social media for July. Thank you, Tara, for helping me presence my need for more downtime and pare down my business activities to focus on the key things.

      Beth B.

      Join us for
      The Commitment Blueprint

      The Commitment Blueprint is 4, live 90-minute working sessions.

      Tara McMullin will guide you step-by-step through the process from setting your commitments, to creating your strategic priorities, to planning to projects, to creating your personal accountability system.

      You’ll have time to work during each live session and you should plan to spend another 30-60 minutes with the work in between sessions.

      You’ll receive a worksheet for each session, a recording of each session, a slide deck for each session, and a transcript of each session.

      Tara will answer your questions and offer guidance during the live sessions.

      Keep in mind: your commitments & plans are all a work in progress. By making time for these live sessions, you’ll get a bunch more done than you would on your own.

      Your commitments and plans will evolve as you get to work—and that’s part of the process.

      You’ll also receive our Leadership Dashboard (a $49 value)—a done-for-you Notion template that is the perfect way to execute your Commitment Blueprint over the next 6-12 months.

      The next cohort of The Commitment Blueprint is happening January 12, 14, 19, and 21 at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific.


      The regular price for The Commitment Blueprint is $199.

      We’re offering flexible pricing for this session of The Commitment Blueprint so that financial resources or uncertainty are less of a barrier to getting support for yourself & your business.

      Pay the regular price ($199) if your business is financially stable or you have stable personal resources such as owning property or personal savings.

      We’re offering a Solidarity Price of $99 for those who have experienced significant financial instability in their businesses this year. This is also the price to pay if you’re experiencing financial instability in your family such as the loss of an income or other financial support.

      We’re also offering a Pay It Forward rate of $249 that helps us support our own work and our team members so that we can offer flexible pricing to those we serve. This is the price to pay if your business is profitable and growing.

      You’ll select your price when you click to register.

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