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Create A Flexible Plan For Your Business

Find your focus, choose your next steps, and start working toward the future of your small business with The Commitment Blueprint.

4 LIVE 90-minute workshop sessions
July 20-24, 2020 | $149

You don’t need to predict the future to create a powerful plan for your business.

It may very well feel like choosing goals and making a plan for your business is a waste of time right now.

You might be waiting, and waiting, and waiting for things to stabilize—to feel some sense that things are getting back to normal.

But let’s get real: this isn’t a new problem.

Running and growing a small business is always a matter of navigating change, dealing with unexpected situations, and amending your plans.

It’s just that systems we use for goal-setting and planning don’t take that into account.

So we blame ourselves when our plans go off track and our goals turn into fantasies. But really, we haven’t learned to deal with the reality of change.

We lack systems for adaptability.

The Commitment Blueprint is a flexible system for finding your focus, choosing your next steps, and planning for the future.

The Commitment Blueprint system is designed to keep you grounded when change is a given.

It flexes with you when you want to shift priorities or tackle new ideas.

It encourages you to own your work, hold yourself accountable, and become an active participant in how you bring projects to life.

The Commitment Blueprint approaches goal-setting and planning differently so you can thrive:

  • Focus on commitments—instead of goals—that flex to match the moment and guide you when things get weird (because they almost always do)
  • Create plans that have structure and choice so you have stability and flexibility
  • Tap into vision-driven personal accountability so that your day-to-day work is tied to what you want to create and experience

Hi, I’m Tara McMullin.

I created The Commitment Blueprint because I was tired of losing track of my plans…

…and beating myself up about it.

Despite being an avid goal-setter, plan-maker, and prolific creator, I was stuck.

I just couldn’t keep up with the rigid task management system I was using. Well, actually, I didn’t want to keep up with it.

I kept going after other people’s goals and following other people’s dreams.

And I kept losing track of important projects and chalking it up to a change of priorities.

Instead of searching for yet another planning or goal-setting system, I realized that I needed to build a framework from the ground up—something that could bend and flex as things changed and I gathered new information. I needed a choice about the work I was doing every day and I needed an easy way to keep track of it all.

    That’s when I started to build
    The Commitment Blueprint.

    That’s when I started to change my own life and business for the better.

    The system has been evolving and improving for 18 months now. I started to share it with others and learned from how they adapted it and used it.

    And now, I’m ready to share it in its most comprehensive and interactive form to date.

    The Commitment Blueprint is a 4-part,
    LIVE workshop series.

    The next interactive session is happening July 20-24 at 4pm Eastern (New York)/1pm Pacific (Los Angeles).

    Monday, July 20

    Lead With Your Commitments

    • Discover how goals get you in trouble and how you can create positive change & progress without them
    • Examine how you want to create movement in your life without fixating on individual achievements
    • Craft 3 personal Commitments to guide your exploration, decision-making, and daily actions

    Tuesday, July 21

    Build With Your Strategic Priorities

    • Translate your personal Commitments into guiding Strategic Priorities for your small business
    • Brainstorm & document all your possible projects for fulfilling your Commitments & Strategic Priorities
    • Create simple project briefs so you can evaluate what to work on next and when to schedule the rest
    • Build a 6-12 month plan so you can work towards the future without overcommitting

    thursday, July 23

    Choose Your Next Steps

    • Select Quarterly Milestones so you create a focus for your shorter-term work
    • Outline high-level tasks without getting stuck on the “how” or losing your momentum in the minutiae
    • Build your weekly & daily work plan for flexibility
    • Develop a vision-driven personal accountability system so you have ownership over your work and embrace what needs to get done to accomplish your projects and fulfill your strategic priorities

    friday, july 24

    Create Your Future Success

    • Choose Key Metrics to track based on building toward future success instead of focusing on vanity numbers
    • Connect your Key Metrics to your daily work and ongoing routines so you can see how you’re moving the needle
    • Create a system for capturing ideas and information so that they feed you without derailing you from your projects, priorities, or commitments

    In the end, you’ll have a new, flexible system for big picture planning, quarterly project organizing, and weekly task management. 

    These 90-minutes sessions are interactive and you’ll have time during the session to complete some of the work—plan to spend another 30-60 minutes making progress on your plans before the next session.

    Each session will also include time for feedback and Q&A.

    Keep in mind: your commitments & plans are all a work in progress. By making time for these live sessions, you’ll get a bunch more done than you would on your own.

    Your commitments and plans will evolve as you get to work
    —and that’s part of the process.

    The Commitment Blueprint is perfect for you if…

    • You’re a small business owner looking to level up how you set goals, plan for the future, and execute tasks
    • Setting a goal for yourself or your business seems impossible right now—or if goals never really seemed to work for you, or…
    • Watching your plans fly out the window 4 months ago left you in a tailspin—or maybe you didn’t have much of a plan in the first place, or…
    • Trying to stick to rigid planning or task management systems makes you feel more stuck—not less, or…
    • Having a choice about the work you do, the way you spend your time, and the projects you move forward is an important part of how you thrive

    The Commitment Blueprint has become a touchstone for me.  I’m the kind of person who loves a to-do list and can put absolutely everything on it.  But so much of it is just busywork.  The kind of stuff that makes me feel productive, but doesn’t actually move the needle.  Now I can look at my list and instantly know whether it will actually make a difference to my business by comparing it to my commitments.  If that task doesn’t clearly fit within one of my commitments, it falls to the bottom of the list.  So now I’m much more focused on the things that are undeniably important to improving my business.

    Jennifer Littell

    Can’t say enough about this workshop series. It was a mini private retreat for me to work on ME + MY business–and make some big aha moments. For me, it’s not just about goals, and don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with goals, I’m an ace at goal-setting and strategizing BUT this workshop series went deep for me and into the things that are less talked about–the underlying reasons that will keep me COMMITTED to my decisions–even when the storm comes.

    Audrey Kwon

    OMG, this whole process is waking me up to letting go of work that’s been paying the bills but isn’t taking me to my vision. SO helpful to be in this program and think so clearly over the week. WOWZERS!

    Susan B.

    Sooooo much to dive into after this! Thank you so much!

    Yvonne M.

    This equation feels so freeing to me for some reason. I like the mindset of exploring and data collecting, not the binary of good/bad, in/out of the other metrics.


    Thank you for this great program. I’ve got a lot to process and implement!

    Cynthia M.

    So wonderful! Thank you all. I feel like I can get my business out of the pandemic slump in a re-energized way.

    Cheryl R.

    Going to staycation and pull away from social media for July. Thank you, Tara, for helping me presence my need for more downtime and pare down my business activities to focus on the key things.

    Beth B.

    Register for The Commitment Blueprint

    The Commitment Blueprint is $149 (USD). 

    The registration fee includes the 4-part LIVE workshop series, a recording of each session, and a transcript of each session.

    You’ll also receive an editable worksheet for each session, as well as The Leadership Dashboard, a Notion template that turns The Commitment Blueprint into a powerful organizational & task management tool (a $49 value).

    After you register, you’ll be taken to our private digital workshop space.

    Registration is limited.

    Registration is limited to 50 participants. Registration closes on Thursday, July 16 or when the workshop is full.

    Because of the live nature and limited capacity of this workshop, there are no refunds.

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