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Level Up The Way You Run Your Business

The What Works Network is a collaborative approach to learning the ins & outs of running an effective, efficient, and profitable business. It’s a private, dedicated network of experienced small business owners who talk about marketing, management, systems, mindset, and money.


Our plug & play tools help you run your business more effectively and efficiently. Join us for monthly coworking sessions so you can put the tools to use in your own business.


Members share what’s working for them so you can discover what works for you. Join us for daily conversations, monthly events, and quarterly virtual conferences.


Connect with experienced small business owners from all over the world on our dedicated network. Find people who “get it” and want to go deep on the why, what, and how of running a business.

What We’re Talking About In 2020

Every month, we facilitate conversations and events around a theme. Here’s what we have coming up over the next 6 months:

🚀 Managing Your Projects

What’s working to keep your projects on track and your deadlines met? How do you manage your own creative process?

đź’› Becoming A True Leader

How do you step into a true leadership role with your team, your customers, and yourself? How do your values contribute to the way you run your business?

🎤 Building A Brand

How do you represent your business to the world? What reputation are you building in the marketplace? What do you want to be known for?

🔨 Maximizing Your Tools

How do you get the most from the software you pay for? What are your can’t-live-without-them apps? What automations make your business easier to manage?

đź“ž Finding & Accepting Support

How do you identify the support you need? What does it take to open up about where you’re struggling and accept help?

đź’µ Making & Managing Money

How do you maintain positive cash flow while you’re scaling up your business? What do you charge for a new product or service?

Access To Interactive, Collaborative Learning

Participate in our private network discussions, immersive events, or share your own experiences.


Flash Masterminds

Join our monthly Flash Masterminds and take your turn in the hot seat. Bring an idea, challenge, or opportunity to a group of peers for insightful feedback and support.

Coworking Hours

Get together to build the systems your business needs to run more efficiently and effectively.


Virtual Conferences

Deep dive on a key business topic each quarter during our day-long Virtual Conferences. Hear from experienced business owners & experts–and ask your own questions.

Insider Hours

Meet up with founder Tara McMullin for an hour of Q&A, trend forecasting, and insider insight.

Who We Are

Our membership is a mix of coaches, consultants, writers, educators, designers, makers, lawyers, wellness professionals, therapists, and developers. Over 60% of our members have been running their businesses for 3 years or more.

Some of our members are in their 20s, others in their 60s. Some work with clients one-on-one, others serve thousands. Some have employees, others operate on their own.

One of the strengths of our network is the diversity of experience and perspective you can draw on whenever you want support.

Our Founder

Tara McMullin is a serial entrepreneur, experienced facilitator, bestselling instructor, and host of the hit small business podcast, What Works.

She believes all small business owners should have access to insider conversations about what’s really working–and what’s not.


Our Team

What Works is made possible by a small team of people dedicated to lifting up entrepreneurs through caring, personalized support.

Shannon Paris is our full-time community advocate and operations manager. Kristen Runvik is our member experience specialist. Additional support is provided by Marty Seefeldt and Sean McMullin.

I am enjoying learning what other business owners are doing to work efficiently and work through some of the same problems I encounter. I feel a lot less alone! I especially love hearing about new tools and how people are using them.

Hannah Branigan

Founder, Zero to CD

What I like about The What Works Network is that there are many different types of business owners which means I get exposed to a variety of different perspectives and even introduced to tools I can use to run my businesses that I hadn’t thought of. They say, “You don’t know what you don’t know” and I want to keep learning the things I don’t know if yet from this fabulous brain trust of smart, caring business owners.

Heather Thorkelson

Plan B Consulting & Twin Tracks Expeditions

I’ve been a What Works Network member for a year now. Best investment I’ve made and will continue to make for my business and for myself!

Lou Blaser

Second Breaks

Being here puts me in contact with entrepreneurs that make me stretch my thinking about my business. To think about it from a different perspective and to think bigger. Even if I don’t act on all of those ideas, they do become part of my internal navigation.

Leslie Nicole

French Kiss Creations

It’s such a fantastic, active community. I feel like in The What Works Network I’m surrounded by mature, serious entrepreneurs actually running a real business. I have not found any other community like it. I have been following Tara for a long time now. I’ve learned so much from her and honestly in my eyes, she is one of the most respected, intelligent and trustworthy entrepreneurs out there. A true mentor. 

Jennifer Jane Young

InJoy Living

This is a rare place where experienced folks are honest about what’s working and what’s not. That’s why I love sharing my morning coffee with you every day!

Annie Schuessler

Founder, Rebel Therapist

My business is growing into a whole new phase at the moment as I start building a team, and it’s wonderful to be around other people who are in the same place of growing and developing and trying new things, so we can all learn from each other and lift each other up. The generosity of this group is astounding.

Eli Trier

Founder, Eli Trier Communities

As a longtime What Works podcast listener and recent joiner of The What Works Network, I will say I have been blown away by the caliber of conversations inside the network. I somehow missed that the podcast is not so much a “highlights reel” of the network as it is a random sample of the goodness that happens inside the network!

Margy Thomas

Scholar Shape

Tara is passionate about creating a space for real learning, where the members are teachers and students at the same time. There is no information hoarding, or smoke and mirrors. It is a community of transparency, sharing what works and what does not, and provides space for these conversations that everyone can benefit from. There is no exclusivity, everyone has a spot at the table and that is exactly what the New Economy is all about. Accessibility, guidance, and assistance for all, not just some.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Business Mindset Coach

I really appreciate connecting with the the What Works members because they all understand the ups and downs of building a business! It’s so great to have a place to hang out and feel understood when I share a win or a struggle. None of us got to where we are now without a whole lot of support.

Elinor Fish

Run Wild Retreats

Your Member Benefits

The What Works Network is so much more than a Facebook group or online forum.

When you’re a member, you receive:

  • Access to our dedicated online conversation space so you can talk about what’s working–and what’s not–with other experienced small business owners
  • Access to What Works Tools, a growing collection of tools designed to help you run an effective, efficient, and profitable business
  • Live virtual events–like community roundtables and virtual conferences–so you can discover new ideas and enhance your skills while connecting with other small business owners
  • Monthly Flash Masterminds so you can put yourself in the hot seat with experienced business owners and work on your challenges or goals together
  • Monthly What Works Insider Hours with Tara McMullin so you can ask about what’s on your mind whether that’s your business, trends you’ve noticed, or what’s working for us
  • Concierge support from the What Works team because you’re never just a number in this network
  • Priority access to facilitated mastermind groups and retreats
  • personal welcome
  • hands-on community management
  • exploration of monthly topics
  • weekly newsletter with featured conversations
  • community-oriented policies

Is The What Works Network Perfect For You?

The Network isn’t for everyone–but it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’re a perfect fit for our community (and get the most from joining us) if you meet these criteria:

  • You value honesty, transparency, and investigating what’s beneath the surface
  • You’ve been in business for 1 year or more and you want to make your business work better, not just work
  • You’re selling an established offer and you’re ready for more predictability, customers, or time to yourself
  • You’re working on expanding your mindset, your reach, or your bank account
  • You prioritize gathering diverse perspectives along with understanding best practices

Join The What Works Network

Get instant access to tools, ideas, and connections for running a more effective, efficient, and profitable business. Membership is just $49.99/month or lock in a year of support for just $499.99/year. We’re currently offering a no-risk, 30-day free trial to make sure you get the thoughtful support you’re looking for.

Give it a shot at no risk to you. We know The Network is full of helpful ideas, top-notch tools, and generous entrepreneurs who want to see you succeed––but we don’t blame you for being skeptical. Join today and, if you don’t love The What Works Network, we’ll refund your first month’s membership fee.

What Happens When You Join

When you join The What Works Network, you’ll set up your member profile and then be taken straight into the community.

From there, you can explore our Member Playbook that explains how to use The Network, who to ask for help if you have questions, and gives tips for getting the most out of your membership.

We also recommend checking out our upcoming events. You’ll find our Community Compass–the new member orientation we host to answer your questions and help you get to know the What Works Team. You’ll also find our upcoming Virtual Conference, Flash Masterminds, and other community events.

Our member experience specialist, Kristen, will send you a chat message to see if you need any help and our community advocate, Shannon, will reach out to set up time to get to know you better! 

All Are Welcome

One of our strategic goals as a company and community is to welcome more people from diverse backgrounds into The What Works Network. 

While our community is predominantly white, we’re working hard to create an experience that’s welcoming to every business owner who is a good fit–regardless of race, sexuality, gender, or ability.

Please reach out directly if you have any concerns about whether the group is a good fit for you: