Venture Mastermind & Retreats

Explore Uncharted Territory

Venture is a 12-month mastermind + 2 adventurous retreats designed especially for seasoned small business owners actively exploring uncharted territory in their businesses and their lives.


Look, you don’t go hiking through grizzly country all by your lonesome…

…and you don’t level up your business by yourself either.

Venture brings together entrepreneurs for conversations, problem-solving, brainstorming, and hot seat coaching on key issues like hiring team members, increasing capacity, developing new offers, getting out of your own way, and building something bigger than yourself.

We believe in the power of adventure to stretch our minds and open us to new possibilities. We believe in sharing what we’ve learned throughout the journey. And, we know that sometimes the biggest adventure is just admitting to a challenge and talking it out with trusted friends.

The Mastermind

The year-long mastermind includes twice monthly 90-minute sessions. We meet together on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific.

During these calls, we share what we’re working on, contribute what we’ve learned, discuss important topics, and open the floor for hot seats. It’s your opportunity to bring an issue, challenge, or opportunity to the group so we can work it out as a team.

The first call of each month is an opportunity to talk with the whole group and put yourself in the hot seat. Maybe you’re considering a new hire, a new offer, or a new campaign. Maybe you’re working through a tough client challenge, reworking your procedures, or shifting your thinking. Share your situation and we’ll work together as a group to help you decide on your course of action.

The second call of each month is a chance to get to know each other better through small groups and member contributions. Each month, at least 1 group member will share something they’ve learned about themselves or their business that can benefit the group. Then, we’ll split into small groups and you’ll work together with 2-3 other group members to make progress with your business.

The Retreats

Palm Springs | Joshua Tree National Park

March 25-29, 2020

We’ll meet up, live and in person, for a 5-day, 4-night retreat to Palm Springs, California.

This first retreat is an opportunity to get to know other Venturers better and work on the obstacles in your path to your goals for 2020.

  • We’ll enjoy a relaxing evening activity on Arrival Day (mocktails by the pool, anyone?)
  • Then, we’ll spend 2 quality days masterminding and hot seating together
  • We’ll venture into Joshua Tree National Park to open our minds and solidify our relationships
  • And then we’ll set goals and say goodbye on Departure Day

Gatlinburg | Great Smoky Mountains National Park

September 13-17, 2020

We’ll meet up again in Gatlinburg, TN to review the journey and examine our next steps.

Our second retreat is focused on debriefing, planning, and identifying new opportunities.

  • You’ll fly in to Knoxville, TN and we’ll whisk you away to our basecamp at the gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park–Gatlinburg, TN.
  • Then, we’ll spend 2 quality days masterminding and hot seating together
  • We’ll venture into Great Smoky Mountains National Park to see new horizons and blaze new trails
  • And then we’ll set goals and say goodbye on Departure Day

You’re A Perfect Fit For Venture


Maybe you’re looking to scale your capacity, hire a team, or raise your rates. Maybe you’re pursuing bigger impact and larger audiences. Maybe you’re exploring a new role for yourself as a leader while your business grows.

You’re a perfect fit for Venture if:

  • You value learning from others’ experiences and hard lessons learned
  • You’re eager to contribute your own learning and hard lessons learned with group members
  • You’re an action-taker who can turn ideas into plans
  • You’ll push yourself to share the hard stuff, the stuff that’s not quite a fully formed question, and the stuff that’s exciting-but-terrifying with the group
  • You’re working toward a vision for your business but don’t have all the details figured out yet
  • You’re willing to be open & honest about your experiences as a small business owner so that others can learn from you
  • You’re committed to being an active explorer and willing to take a few risks

You must have an established business that is actively serving customers or clients and you should be working toward doubling (or more) the revenue your business generates over the next 2 years.

Most Venture participants generate $200k-600k in gross annual revenue and are working toward goals of $500k-$1m annual revenue within the next 2 years.

Past participants have included:

  • The founder of a software business who specializes in B2B, high-ticket sales
  • The founder of a bookkeeping and financial consulting firm who guides the finances of companies navigating to–and past–the $1m annual revenue mark
  • A wellness coach who has used high-profile media placements to find new clients and scale her programs
  • The founder of a marketing firm that consults on analytics, ecommerce, and search
  • A course creator & marketer on a mission to help coaches get paid
  • A brand strategist designing high-end, bespoke websites and brands in a market that increasingly values low-end options
  • The founder of a content marketing firm that creates copy for both service providers and ecommerce businesses
  • A systems analyst who puts vast quantities of information and data at the fingertips of clients

We have room for 15 Venturers for 2020.

All Are Welcome For Adventure

You might be wondering if you really belong in Venture. 

While past participants have been white and predominantly women, we’re working hard to create an experience that’s welcoming to every business owner who is a good fit–regardless of race, sexuality, gender, or ability.

One of our strategic goals is to welcome more people from diverse backgrounds both at Venture and in our community at large. As a group, we want to enrich our conversations and better understand the impact of our businesses in our communities.

If you have any questions about whether you belong in Venture, feel free to reach out.


Having Scheduled Time With Experienced Business Owners Has Made The Difference

My revenue has more than doubled this year, after almost 10 years in business. I can trace that increase, not to a fancy marketing tactic or a huge new client but straight back to What Works Masterminds with Tara.

Not only has Tara ever-so-casually name-dropped my service to folks in her network but having scheduled time with experienced business owners, all sharing their hard-earned insights has made the difference between being ready to hire an employee and leasing office space vs working alone, in the corner of my living room.

Rita Barry

Founder & Lead Consultant, Rita Barry & Co

For Anyone Who Already Feels Successful But Knows There’s Plenty Of Room For Growth

Before joining the What Works Venture Mastermind, I was feeling in need of on-going support from high-caliber creative business owners.  I’d outgrown my accountability group and needed to up-level the peers I was surrounding myself. 
A soon as I put that energetic request into the world an email for The Venture Mastermind dropped into my mailbox. A blend of monthly calls and in-person retreat, the mastermind has more than exceeded my expectations and the year’s not even over. The time spent masterminding (and hiking!) on retreat was a highlight of my year and I walked away with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity around what I was doing, along with a small shift in pricing/services, that has the potential to increase revenue dramatically.
Tara’s ability to curate a fantastic group of people and facilitate tough conversations with sensitivity and focus is exceptional. I’d recommend the mastermind to any business owner who already feels successful, but knows there’s plenty more room for growth and is ready to seize that with both hands!
Justine Clay

Creative Business Coach

The Investment for Venture

The 2020 Venture Mastermind & Retreat is $8500 in full or a deposit of $1500 and 12 monthly payments of $600.

Your investment includes:

  • Twice monthly 90-minute mastermind sessions (January 2020-December 2020)
  • 5 days of activities & masterminding in Palm Springs, CA (March 25-29)
  • 5 days of activities & masterminding in Gatlinburg, TN (September 13-17)
  • 2 60-minute 1:1 analysis & reflection sessions with Tara McMullin
  • Lifetime membership at The What Works Network
  • Private Venture discussion group within The What Works Network

Lodging & transportation to retreat locations is not included during our 2 retreats but most meals are (2 meals each of our full days), as well as most activity fees and transportation to activities.

Take the first step toward Venture.

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