Venture Retreat & Mastermind 2019

Explore Uncharted Territory

Discover The Space To Find Answers

The answers to your biggest business questions won’t be found in a course, workshop, or consulting session. They emerge from the space to think, from conversations, in shared experiences, and through exploration with other business owners.

At CoCommercial, our passion is facilitating these conversations and experiences. We put 110% of our energy into creating spaces where small business owners can support each other, work together, and explore new territory–so that they’re in complete control of their decisions and next steps. The Venture Retreat & Mastermind is the fullest expression of this goal.

If you’re ready to explore uncharted territory for your business, the 2019 Venture Retreat & Mastermind was made for you.

Pull Up A Chair

The Venture Retreat & Mastermind is an opportunity to explore your business with a group of movers & shakers who will challenge you, support you, and push you over 12 months, culminating in a business-changing retreat in Whitefish, Montana.

It’s the perfect place to explore questions like:

  • Identity as a small business owner–making the transition from doer to leader or from one-man shop to team builder
  • Reach for your ideas–expanding into new markets, asking new questions, and creating new networks
  • Impact in your community–digging into a triple bottom line
  • Scale of operations–finding new ways to serve more people while maintaining organize and order in your business
  • Expanded goals–discovering a higher calling, a bigger game, or a fresh vision for your business

We’ll convene virtually at the beginning of each month to explore questions like these as a group and to deep dive on the special considerations you have in your own business. Our time in-person in Montana will build on these conversations and the relationship we build throughout the year.

Explore Uncharted Territory

Join The What Works Team in northwest Montana for 5 days—September 15-19, 2019–of business masterminding and adventure alongside about 30 other entrepreneurs. We’ll deep dive, hot seat, and trade notes. We’ll explore, hike, and witness nature’s grandeur. Plus, we’ll include optional activities for even more adventure!

  • On Arrival Day, you’ll have the option of participating in a group hike or a scenic chairlift ride. You’ll meet the group during a cocktail/mocktail reception later that evening.
  • On Day 1, we’ll start with a hearty breakfast and spend the day masterminding. Some of the time will be in small groups and some will be spent in large group discussion. There will be plenty of opportunity for hot seats and sharing the lessons you’ve learned on your journey.
  • On Day 2, we’ll climb aboard a vintage convertible red tour bus for a private tour of Glacier National Park and picnic in the park. Take in the scenery or join us for a hike.
  • On Day 3, we’ll convene again for masterminding, discussion, and hot seats.
  • On Departure Day, you’ll have the chance to join in optional opportunities or simply gather with attendees over great food & drink before you head home.

Meet The People You Want To Meet

It can be a real challenge to meet people who have navigated some of the challenges you now face–like hiring team members, building a more robust marketing engine, or optimizing your systems in order to scale operations.

The Venture Retreat & Mastermind connects you with experienced business owners who are happy to share what they’ve learned and who are generous with the details.

Past participants have included:

  • The founder of a software business who specializes in B2B, high-ticket sales
  • A freelance CFO who guides the finances for companies navigating to–and past–the $1m annual revenue mark
  • The founder of a marketing firm that consults on analytics, ecommerce, and search
  • A wellness coach who has used high-profile media placements to find new clients
  • The founder of a content marketing firm that creates copy for both service providers and ecommerce businesses
  • A systems analyst who makes vast quantities of information and data at the fingertips of clients

You’ll find this group brings together a diverse array of skills, backgrounds, and business models. Plus, you’ll find people who share your challenges and goals.

A Full Year Of Support, Camaraderie, & Adventure

In January 2019, we’ll kick off our year of exploration with monthly 90-minute group mastermind sessions.

Each session will include time to get to know group members, small group discussion, hot seats, and debriefs. You’ll expand your network, deep dive on challenging issues, and share your own stories and experiences.

Monthly mastermind sessions are the first Tuesday of each month at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific (except our kick-off call on Tuesday, January 8). 

Having Scheduled Time With Experienced Business Owners Has Made The Difference

My revenue has more than doubled this year, after almost 10 years in business. I can trace that increase, not to a fancy marketing tactic or a huge new client but straight back to What Works Masterminds with Tara.
Not only has Tara ever-so-casually name dropped my service to folks in her network but having scheduled time with experienced business owners, all sharing their hard-earned insights has made the difference between being ready to hire an employee and leasing office space vs working alone, in the corner of my living room.
Rita Barry

Marketing Consultant

Hold The Container For Growth, Learning, And Activation

Usually, when you read accolades about someone’s work, it’s in the vein of “I had this belief before, but this person changed my mind.”

But the truth of the matter is, I have always known that participation in well-run masterminds is a vital part of owning a business.

Of my most foundational beliefs, two rise to the top: asking for help means you are serious about your success. And the second: your people want you to succeed. Let them help you.

So, this is all true in theory. And? Not everyone knows how to run a mastermind. This I’ve seen firsthand.

Tara knows how to hold the container for the growth, for the learning and for the activation. She knows how to invite the better questions that elicit the feedback that matters. She sees and makes space for the collective wisdom of the group to reign supreme.

She hasn’t changed my mind about the power of Masterminds. Tara McMullin has proven me right about the power of masterminds. And my business continues to expand as a result.

Tanya Geisler

Leadership Coach & Speaker, Step Into Your Starring Role

Are You Ready for Venture?

The Venture Mastermind & Retreat is perfect for small business owners who are exploring new territory with their businesses.

Maybe you’re looking to scale your capacity, hire a team, or raise your rates. Maybe you’re pursuing bigger impact and larger audiences. Maybe you’re exploring a new role for yourself as a leader while your business grows.

You’re a perfect fit for Venture if:

  • You value learning from others’ experience more than advice
  • You’re an action-taker and can turn ideas into plans
  • You’re working toward a vision for your business but don’t have all the details figured out yet
  • You’re willing to be open & honest about your experiences as a small business owner so that others can learn from you

You must have an established business that is actively serving customers or clients and you should be working toward doubling (or more) the revenue your business generates over the next 2 years.

Exploration is the name of the game—and we do include activities for most abilities. If you have questions about your ability to participate in group activities during the retreat, just let us know.

What’s Included & Logistics

The 2019 Venture Mastermind & Retreat is $5500 or 12 monthly payments of $500 and includes:

  • 12 monthly 90-minute mastermind sessions (January-December 2019)
  • 5 days of activities in Whitefish, Montana (September 15-19, 2019)
  • Breakfast and snacks on Days 1 and 3
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks on Day 2
  • Private tour of Glacier National Park
  • 2 days of in-person masterminding, discussion, and hot seats
  • Most optional activities will be fully included
  • Lifetime membership at CoCommercial

Lodging is not included in this adventure, but Whitefish has plenty of great options for all budgets:

  • The Firebrand Hotel (our home base): about $209/night
  • The Pine Lodge: about $130/night
  • The Lodge at Whitefish Lake: about $230/night
  • Townplace Suites: $130/night
  • Whitefish Hostel: $40/night

Transportation options include flying into Glacier Park International Airport (FCA), riding the train to Whitefish from Portland, Seattle, or Spokane, or driving if you’re lucky enough to live near this part of the world.

Whitefish makes it easy for anyone with dietary restrictions, too.

Who We Are

My name is Tara McMullin and I’m the founder & CEO of CoCommercial. I’m passionate about facilitating game-changing conversations between small business owners.

My goal isn’t to be your go-to expert (I don’t actually think you need one of those…). My goal is to create the space for you to explore, a platform for connecting with the right people, and the questions that challenge your assumptions.

I’m also an avid climber, runner, and hiker who fervently believes in the power of adventure to change your mindset and goals because it changed mine.

The What Works Team is led by Shannon Paris, a veteran small business owner and fair trade advocate.

She’s passionate about business as a force for good and the deep dive discussions it takes to create the space for cultural change.

Our work at What Works is designed to close the gap between people doing great things with their businesses. We provide the space, tools, and facilitation it takes to explore new possibilities for the company you’re building.

Ready to join us for 2019?

Membership to the Venture Retreat & Mastermind is by application only so that you can be sure your investment pays off in top-notch conversations, relationships, and explorations.

To apply for the 2019 Venture Mastermind & Retreat, click here.

If you have questions before you apply, please email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed and approved by the team. We’ll then send you a contract and payment plan.