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The Commitment Blueprint is a 4-part,
LIVE workshop series.

The next interactive session is happening October 19-23 at 4pm Eastern (New York)/1pm Pacific (Los Angeles).

Monday, October 20

Lead With Your Commitments

  • Discover how goals get you in trouble and how you can create positive change & progress without them
  • Examine how you want to create movement in your life without fixating on individual achievements
  • Craft 3 personal Commitments to guide your exploration, decision-making, and daily actions

Tuesday, October 21

Build With Your Strategic Priorities

  • Translate your personal Commitments into guiding Strategic Priorities for your small business
  • Brainstorm & document all your possible projects for fulfilling your Commitments & Strategic Priorities
  • Create simple project briefs so you can evaluate what to work on next and when to schedule the rest
  • Build a 6-12 month plan so you can work towards the future without overcommitting

thursday, october 22

Choose Your Next Steps

  • Select Quarterly Milestones so you create a focus for your shorter-term work
  • Outline high-level tasks without getting stuck on the “how” or losing your momentum in the minutiae
  • Build your weekly & daily work plan for flexibility
  • Develop a vision-driven personal accountability system so you have ownership over your work and embrace what needs to get done to accomplish your projects and fulfill your strategic priorities

friday, October 23

Create Your Future Success

  • Choose Key Metrics to track based on building toward future success instead of focusing on vanity numbers
  • Connect your Key Metrics to your daily work and ongoing routines so you can see how you’re moving the needle
  • Create a system for capturing ideas and information so that they feed you without derailing you from your projects, priorities, or commitments