Candid Conversations About Running
& Growing A Small Business

What Works Is Different For Every Small Business

Our mission is to help you find what works for you by giving you an inside look at what’s really working for others. You get access to an open, honest dialogue about the unique ways to grow and manage a small business today.

We don’t believe in magic formulas, one-size-fits-all blueprints, or get-rich-quick schemes. We believe a firm grasp on the basics, entrepreneurial resourcefulness, and a strong network of support will serve you and your business for the long haul.

At What Works, we produce a podcast that deep dives on how different small business owners make it work. We also host a private network and facilitated mastermind groups so that you can connect with other small business owners and discover what works for you.


Find Out What’s Working For Small Business Owners Today

Check out our top episodes or explore our playlists:

Kate Strathmann

Kate Strathmann

Founder, Wanderwell

Kate shares how she’s focusing more on leading and less on managing in her small business.

Lauren & Jason Pak

Lauren & Jason Pak

Founders, Achieve Fitness

Learn how Lauren & Jason plan the content that’s rapidly built their Instagram following.

Carlos Saba

Carlos Saba

Co-Founder, Happy Startup School

Learn how Carlos built out his community, workshops, and retreats by starting small.

Charlie Gilkey & Angela Wheeler

Charlie Gilkey & Angela Wheeler

Co-Founders, Productive Flourishing

Learn how Charlie & Angela structure their lives & business as a married couple.

Jadah Sellner

Jadah Sellner

Host, Lead With Love

Jadah talks about exiting a wildly successful business to pursue her personal brand.

Jess Ostroff

Jess Ostroff

Founder, Don't Panic Management

Jess shares how she vets both clients & contractors with a red, yellow, green light system.

Meet Tara McMullin

Tara McMullin is the founder & host of What Works. She’s been connecting small business owners through mastermind groups and online community for over a decade. Whether on the podcast or in the online network, her goal is to facilitate the free flow of ideas, information, and inspiration between entrepreneurs.

She believes that no one person has the answer to “what works” in small business–but that, together, we can create living, breathing knowledge-base of real-world solutions to all of our small business challenges.



Each week, we release a new conversation about the nitty-gritty of running a small business. Tara talks with entrepreneurs from across industries and business models. Click here to view over 190 candid conversations.


The Network

The What Works Network is a private community for experienced small business owners who want to explore what works and connect with other driven entrepreneurs. We talk about everything from marketing to mindset to business models to operations to product development–and more!


We’re small business matchmakers. We host and facilitate intimate mastermind groups with entrepreneurs with similar experience and different challenges. Our goal is to connect you with solutions for your greatest challenges and friends for a lifetime.