Get Real About Your Business

Candid Conversations That Help You Earn More, Save Time, and Discover What Works For You

Let’s Talk Business

The What Works Network connects small business owners across industries and business models to get real about what’s working–and what’s not.

We trade notes on marketing, sales, operations, management, technology, trends, and pricing. We share what’s happening behind the scenes and talk candidly about the ups & downs.

When you join us, you get access to frank, ongoing discussions about the inner workings of businesses like yours. 


Meet Tara McMullin

I created The What Works Network because I wanted more small business owners to have access to the kinds of behind-the-scenes conversations that helped me to grow my business.

I’ve had the privilege of getting the inside scoop on how entrepreneurs have created efficient systems, priced their work, hired help, and developed groundbreaking intellectual property.

Whether you’re a What Works podcast listener or someone who values honesty more than hype, The What Works Network will be your new home for real conversations about what’s really working.

Balance of tactical how-to and mindset support

I had a lot of options of communities to join that support small business owners and I knew in my gut this was the right choice because A) there’s actually racial diversity in this community B) this community is a balance of tactical how-to resources and the kind of mindset support I need C) it’s so clear that you can do the broad business systems design thing here and also own all the areas of deep dive. Your learning is deep and I know I’m going to benefit from just following Tara and those she’s assembled here.

Mia Scharpie

Creator, Build Yourself Workshop

Accessibility, guidance, and assistance for all

Tara is passionate about creating a space for real learning, where the members are teachers and students at the same time. There is no information hoarding, or smoke and mirrors. It is a community of transparency, sharing what works and what does not, and provides space for these conversations that everyone can benefit from. There is no exclusivity, everyone has a spot at the table and that is exactly what the New Economy is all about. Accessibility, guidance, and assistance FOR ALL, not just some.
Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Psychotherapist and Money & Mindset Expert

Grow your confidence, believe in your abilities, take action

The amazing thing about working with the amazing What Works team is the fact that it’s not all informative. Being around Tara and this community in the past one year has helped me grow my confidence, believe in my own abilities, trust not just my guts, but has shown me how to take action in ways that are both sure and experimental. I started stepping into my starring role because I am surrounded by amazing leaders connected by an amazing leader. Thank you for the work you do for the New Economy.

Nneamaka Okafor

Client Insight Specialist

“I’m mind blown by the people I’m meeting here!”
– Vanessa Goh, Founder of VanGoh Creative

You Belong Here

Our membership is a mix of coaches, consultants, writers, educators, designers, makers, lawyers, wellness professionals, therapists, and developers. Over 60% of our members have been running their businesses for 3 years or more.

Some of our members are in their 20s, others in their 60s. Some work with clients one-on-one, others serve thousands. Some have employees, others operate on their own.

One of the strengths of our network is the diversity of experience and perspective you can draw on whenever you want support.



Dedicated Conversation Space

The What Works Network is a private space, just for small business owners, online. It’s a distraction-free home for all your business conversations.

Sure, there’s some watercooler conversation (we like to have fun, too). But you won’t see your college roommate’s baby pics or your angry uncle’s rants here.

Collaborative Learning

We’re a community of experience–not experts. Our goal is to learn together.

We host community roundtables, flash masterminds, and virtual conferences to encourage conversation and invite new ideas into our space.

Intentional Networking

We love to watch how our members connect. We’ve seen alliances formed, joint ventures launched, and friendships forged.

Our members host book clubs, make virtual coffee dates, and meet up in their local areas.


Your Member Benefits

  • Access to our dedicated online conversation space so you can talk about what’s working–and what’s not–with other experienced small business owners
  • Live virtual events–like community roundtables and virtual conferences–so you can discover new ideas and enhance your skills while connecting with other small business owners
  • Monthly Flash Masterminds so you can put yourself in the hot seat with experienced business owners and work on your challenges or goals together
  • Monthly What Works Insider Hours with Tara McMullin so you can ask about what’s on your mind whether that’s your business, trends you’ve noticed, or what’s working for us
  • Concierge support from the What Works team because you’re never just a number in this network
  • Priority access to facilitated mastermind groups and retreats


Is The What Works Network Perfect For You?

The Network isn’t for everyone–but it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’re a perfect fit for our community (and get the most from joining us) if you meet these criteria:

  • You value honesty, transparency, and investigating what’s beneath the surface
  • You’ve been in business for 1 year or more and you want to make your business work better, not just work
  • You’re selling an established offer and you’re ready for more predictability, customers, or time to yourself
  • You’re working on expanding your mindset, your reach, or your bank account
  • You prioritize gathering diverse perspectives along with understanding best practices


Your Investment

Membership at The What Works Network is $49.99 per month or $499.99 per year. 

Either plan gets you access to all of our member benefits. The annual plan will save you almost $100 per year and ensure you have people to turn to throughout all the seasons of your business.

Our Guarantee

We know The What Works Network is full of savvy and experienced small business owners who share generously and honestly about their experiences. But we know you don’t know that.

Give The Network a try for 30 days and if you aren’t blown away by the people you meet, the conversations we invite you to, and the quality of responses to what you share, we’ll happily refund your membership fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The What Works Network just a community?

We get that there are a bunch of other people selling you an online course, coaching program, or workshop. They’re selling a system, skill-building, and how-to knowledge.

It’s completely understandable that you might expect to find a huge resource library or a curriculum of courses inside of The What Works Network.

But there’s not. By design.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1) When someone is selling you knowledge, they’re telling you what your problem is and what you need to do to solve it.

We do the opposite. We let you tell us what your problem is and we help you work together with other small business owners to find your own solution. In other words, we put you in the driver’s seat.

Sure, we get that you might not even know what your real problem, challenge, obstacle, or goal is! But we’ll help you process that too–including helping you craft an ask that helps you start untangling the pieces.

You don’t just learn how to do one thing. You learn how to anticipate your own needs, solve your own problems, and achieve your own goals.

2) The market changes too fast to make information resources an effective way to stay ahead.

It can seem like every time you get something working in your business, the market changes and you need to do something new. If you’re buying information every time that happens, you’ll quickly eat up any profit you’re generating with continuing education!

A membership at The What Works Network has you covered. The market changes, we talk about it. It changes again, we put our heads together. Our goal is to provide a sustainable, adaptable solution for the problem of an ever-changing marketplace.

What are people talking about inside The Network?

We talk about all things small business. That includes offer development, marketing & social media, operations, systems development, time management, health insurance, business finances, and more.

One of the best parts about The Network is that we don’t have to stick to the “sexy” small business topics. Sure, we talk plenty about marketing–but we also have a safe place to talk about your mindset, your third hire, or your profit margins. Of course, we think those topics are sexy… 

Is The Network appropriate for someone new to business?

In short, no. But here’s the longer answer because sometimes there are good exceptions.

 We believe that most new business owners are best served by spending the first year or so finding their customers or clients the old fashioned way (word of mouth, referrals, networking, and prospecting) and developing a single offer to sell them.

Once you can reliably sell your offer to the right person, it’s time to start refining your marketing, developing your business model, and documenting your systems. This is when The Network really starts to come in handy. 

Is The Network appropriate for someone who’s been in business for many years?

Absolutely. Once you’ve established a track record as a business owner, you don’t need to learn new things all the time to keep it growing. Your process is more about refining. You want to make your business work better at the same time it’s making you more money and taking up less of your time.

Some of our most active members have been in business 5, 10, 15, even 20 years or longer. They regularly share their own experiences and knowledge. But even better? They bring their questions and challenges to the table, too.