Introducing CoCommercial Masterminds

Because growing a business shouldn't be lonely.

In the beginning, you thought you’d get to a point where your business just worked.

Customers would show up when you needed them. Your product or service would sell easily. You’d feel supported by systems or a team that made everything happen.

As time went on, you realized that your business evolves. There are always kinks to work out. There is always an opportunity to take advantage of.

You’re even learning to enjoy the uncertainty a little.

You believe you’re doing most things mostly right. You believe that, with the right information, you make great decisions.

Here’s the thing: your confidence, your astute decision-making, your action-taking, and your years of experience make you an unusual specimen.

It’s hard to find other people who really enjoy running their businesses. It’s tough to connect with folks who take pride in talking through business decisions and share what they’ve learned along the way.

It’s even more difficult to find people willing to share their stumbles as well as their successes.

That means you often end up keeping your head down and attending to your own business.

You can end up feeling pretty alone.

We want to help you find the people you want to meet and the space you need to connect so that you never have to feel like you’re making another business decision on your own.

We’ll match you with 5-7 other small business owners you can trust.

We’ve been matchmaking small business owners for over 6 years. We take immense pride in our ability to put you in the room with people whose experience, skills, and mindset can help you grow and transform your business.

Your fellow CoCommercial Mastermind participants will be matched with you based on 7 criteria: Experience, Revenue, Business Model, Mindset, Need, and Contribution.

You’ll have quite a bit in common with your group (maybe you’ve all been in business for 5 years or longer, or you all sell directly to consumers). And, you’ll have marked differences that help you challenge assumptions and avoid groupthink.

I’m a thinker and researcher and can get stuck when it comes to taking action on moving my business forward. The weekly mastermind meetings really helped me pick up my pace, work through the stuck spots, and take quick action.

With the high quality of inspiring & motivated fellow business owners, this was well worth the time and financial investment (and more).  The mastermind helped me get clear on where to focus my energy, what to let go, and helped me take those big and small leaps that we have to take as business owners.

Carrie Van Winkle

Socially Responsive Investment Advisor, Natural Investments

We’ll create the space and facilitate your conversations.

Productive masterminding depends on effective structure and culture. We’ll create a container for your new relationships and help direct the culture of your group so that conversations are both constructive and positive.

Each mastermind session is facilitated by me, Tara McMullin. I’m there to ask questions and make connections. I won’t be coaching but I will be guiding.

Mastermind sessions are 60 minutes long and occur twice per month over a 6-month period. You’ll also have access to a private group for only your mastermind members inside CoCommercial.

My mastermind group, Tara, and the whole community have given me a listening ear and a reflection on my work I wouldn’t have gotten somewhere else. There isn’t one part of my business that hasn’t benefitted from being a part of this community.

The peer support I received means so much to me because what I do isn’t commonly known or understood. My mastermind group created a space where I could hone my message, experiment with offers, and claim my voice—with their feedback to guide me.

I’ve connected with people who have invited me to speak, co-facilitate retreats, and collaborate on projects. They’ve helped me raise the level of my business, what I offer, and who I work with.

Working with my mastermind group and with Tara changed my business and my life.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Founder, Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching

Your mastermind supports you as your business evolves.

A lot can happen in 6 months. You’ll have decisions to make and unexpected opportunities to navigate. Your mastermind will support you through all of it.

Past mastermind participants have tackled:

  • when and who to hire
  • new ways to share their message and offers
  • retiring an old offer
  • launching a new offer
  • packaging ideas in a new way
  • increasing prices
  • setting a new boundary
  • having a tough conversation
  • embracing a new message
  • overhauling a business model
  • taking on a new role
  • creating a bigger, bolder vision

With the support of the mastermind, our participants have achieved:

  • doubling their revenue by focusing on a key offer
  • preparing their business for their first employee
  • launching and selling a group coaching program in a matter of weeks
  • developing & executing a new marketing and visibility plan
  • writing & launching a book
  • navigating work/life sustainability issues
  • reorganizing client capacity to take control of the workflow and make more money
  • hiring to increase capacity, drive more revenue, and create time for business development

My revenue has more than doubled this year, after almost 10 years in business. I can trace that increase, not to a fancy marketing tactic or a huge new client but straight back to CoCommercial Masterminds with Tara.

Having scheduled time with experienced business owners, all sharing their hard-earned insights has made THE difference between being ready to hire an employee and leasing office space vs working alone, in the corner of my living room.

Rita Barry

Marketing Consultant

Usually when you read accolades about someone’s work, it’s in the vein of “I had this belief before, but this person changed my mind”.

But the truth of the matter is, I have always known that participation in well-run masterminds is a vital part of owning a business. Of my most foundational beliefs, two rise to the top: asking for help means you are serious about your success. And the second: YOUR people want you to succeed. Let them help you.

So, this is all true in theory. AND? Not everyone knows how to run a mastermind. This I’ve seen firsthand.
But Tara McMullin DOES. This, I’ve experienced firsthand.

She knows how to hold the container for the growth, for the learning and for the activation. She KNOWS how to invite the better questions that elicit the feedback that MATTERS. She SEES and MAKES SPACE for the collective wisdom of the group to reign supreme.

So she hasn’t changed my mind about the power of Masterminds. Tara McMullin has proven me RIGHT about the power of Masterminds. And my business continues to expand as a result.

Tanya Geisler

Creator, Starring Role Academy

A CoCommercial Mastermind is a small group of peer mentors.

You rely on your mastermind group for perspective, constructive feedback, and experience that’s not your own. They’re people who care about you and your success. Plus, they’re people who want to learn from your experience and see things through your eyes.

A CoCommercial Mastermind is not group coaching, a cheerleading squad, or a venue for venting your frustrations. There’s no one telling you what to do.

It’s also not another group where you’re the smartest person in the room. We work hard to match you with people who have the experience and know-how to help with your goals and challenges. If we can’t find the right people for you, we’ll let you know.

Our mastermind groups are adaptably structured, expertly facilitated, and reliably scheduled.

A CoCommercial Mastermind is for you if:

  • You’ve made the transition from “being the business” to “owning the business” (or you’re ready to)
  • You are personally committed to your goals and open to more
  • You struggle to connect with people who are running businesses with similar goals or trajectories to talk about your unique concerns or challenges
  • You value hearing experiences from a diverse set of industries and backgrounds
  • You don’t know what you don’t know–but you’re eager to find out
  • You’re an action-taker and decision-maker who gets the best results when equipped with a diverse set of information and experiences
  • You are actively working to grow your business by reaching new people, increasing your capacity, developing a new offer, improving efficiency, building your team, and/or streamlining your business model
  • You’re willing and eager to contribute your own experience, observations, and feedback to group discussions
  • You’re committed to attending at least 80% of our sessions

CoCommercial Masterminds are not for everyone.

We can help you fix issues in your business but we likely can’t help you fix your business. Masterminds work best when you’ve got something that’s working and you want to make it bigger, better, or more efficient so you can get exponentially better results. If you need help making your business work, this isn’t for you.

Our masterminds are not a “should” space. While there might be times where some advice or direction might be given, our general policy isn’t for your facilitator or your fellow group members to tell you what you should do. Instead, we’ll offer feedback, personal experience, and observations based on what you bring to the table to discuss. If you want people to tell you what you should do, this isn’t for you.

We can help you tap into your own personal accountability but we can’t “hold you accountable.” Accountability is a sense of personal ownership and dedication to results–not something others can impose on you. If you want to use the group as a source of external motivation and accountability, this isn’t for you.

Our masterminds are not for people just starting out. You should have at least 18 months of experience or a product/service that sells reliably as well as a system for delivering that product/service consistently.

Now, let’s talk details.

Sample Session Agenda

  • Welcome & Check-In: Share a highlight from the last week in 1 minute or less.
  • Challenges: Let us know one challenge you’re facing this week and whether you’d like to deep dive with the group in 1 minute or less.
  • Deep Dives: Spend 5-20 minutes unpacking a challenge and sharing experiences or observations.
  • Action Item: Tell us one thing you’ll do this week to get closer to your goal.

All sessions take place on Zoom. You’re welcome to appear on video or audio only. You can also call in from your phone to attend meetings on the go.

Session agendas are adaptable depending on the group’s needs. Some weeks we might focus on one topic and explore it from a variety of angles. Other weeks, you’ll get put in the hot seat and we’ll work out the nitty-gritty of your situation. Still other weeks, you might take the lead on helping out a fellow group member.

Group Schedules

We’re running 6 groups for January-June 2019. You’ll be placed in a group depending on your experience, needs, and availability. Sessions start the week of January 8, 2019. All groups meet exclusively online.

  • Arches Group – 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific
  • Big Bend Group – 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific
  • Denali Group – 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific
  • Grand Canyon Group – 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific
  • Great Smoky Group – 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific
  • Pinnacles Group – 2nd & 4th Thursdays – 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific




CoCommercial Masterminds are 6 monthly payments of $500. They include a lifetime membership to CoCommercial.

You’ll submit a $100 application fee when you apply which will be put towards your first month’s fee or refunded if we can’t match you with a group.

Apply Now

CoCommercial Masterminds are by application so that we can match you with a group of people selected just for you. Your application includes both multiple-choice questions that inform our 7 matching factors and a few open-ended questions.

Please answer as honestly as possible.

Tara McMullin is a not only a strategic thought-leader but a generous connector and sounding board.

Tara’s curated mastermind groups spark nuanced conversations that have steered my business toward focused and intentional growth. We all know there isn’t just one way to do business which is why support and feedback from peers who are “in it” with me has helped me grow on my own terms and in new ways.

Kathleen Shannon

Co-Founder, Braid Creative and Co-Host, Being Boss

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make every session?

We get it! Stuff happens. If your schedule is highly unpredictable, masterminds might not be for you. If you find that, with advanced scheduling and a handy calendar appointment, you can make room for what’s important, we think you’ll do just fine.

We ask you to be willing to commit to making at least 80% of our sessions.

Who will be in my group?

Wouldn’t it be sweet if we could tell you that right now? The reality is that we can’t. What we will do is review your application, pour through your website, and ask any follow-up questions we have about what’s happening in your business right now.

We’ll then work to place you in a group with people we think you’ll trust, respect, and learn from. We’ll also work hard to ensure you feel like you have something important to contribute to your group, too.

If we can’t reasonably match you with a group that’s perfect for you, we’ll refund your application fee and/or first month’s payment.

Remember, we use 7 factors (Experience, Revenue, Business Model, Management, Mindset, Need, and Contribution) to determine your fit. Plus, we factor in your goals and other info you provide to match you with the people you need to meet.

What if something pressing comes up between sessions?

That’s what we’re here for! You’ll not only have access to our live sessions but you’ll have a private area inside CoCommercial–just for your group–to hash out any problems, decisions, or opportunities with your group members.

Can I keep meeting with my group after 6 months?

Absolutely! Many of our past groups continue to meet. Some formally, some informally. Our goal is to match you with people you’ll want to stay in touch with for life.

When I joined the CoCommercial Mastermind, my primary goal was to increase my business’ visibility and reach. I had some initial ideas about how I was going to get there. Soon after the weekly calls started, I saw a fundamental challenge I needed to address first: my message and more importantly, the consistency with which I show up with this message.

Writing this now, it seems obvious. But things don’t always appear so clear when you’re in the weeds. The mastermind experience helped me to step back (many times!) to see the bigger picture. This was scary for me because every time I stepped back, I identified something that I needed to adjust, change or stop doing.

I’m focused now on my message and what my business stands for. Sure I learned tactical ways to communicate this consistently through my podcast, webinars and social media. More importantly, the experience helped me dial in the courage to commit and stick with the game plan.

Lou Blaser

Founder, Second Breaks

Apply Now

CoCommercial Masterminds are by application so that we can match you with a group of people selected just for you. Your application includes both multiple-choice questions that inform our 7 matching factors and a few open-ended questions.

Have questions about whether a CoCommercial Mastermind is right for you? Please email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!