EP 307: Mastering A New Model With The Light House Founder Christianne Squires

Nov 10, 2020 | Community, Podcast

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In This Episode:

  • Why Christianne Squires created The Light House, a community for contemplative leaders, and how it differs from her first business, Bookwifery
  • How she uses discernment to explore potential decisions and choose what action to take
  • How the way she creates value has changed in her new community-based business model
  • What she’s done to hone her skills for community building and how she sees her role in the business now

Different kinds of businesses require different skills.

Okay, maybe that’s obvious—but hear me out.

I’m not talking about the skills that you offer as a product or service.

I’m talking about the skills that you use to actually build and operate the business itself.

Learning how to run a wholesale product business is different than learning how to run a creative agency is different than learning how to run a training company is different than learning how to run a digital products business is different than learning how to run a software as a service business.

There is plenty of overlap. There are plenty of foundational concepts and skills that are key to each of these different business models.

But when it comes to the specific craft of building a particular type of company, that is its own unique skill set.

This month, we’re taking a closer look at how entrepreneurs level up their skills to build more effective and profitable businesses.

I’ve been reminded just how specific the skills required to build a certain business model can be at least twice in recent memory.

Most recently, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of building a productized service business and creative agency model as we grow our podcast production company, YellowHouse.Media.

I had to reacquaint myself with retainer pricing, writing proposals, and managing projects—as well as helping clients navigate the ups and downs of birthing something as big as a podcast.

A few years ago, though, I pivoted my coaching and training company into a community-based business. I’ve spent the last few years unlearning the expert marketing and product development model my business was originally based on and learning a new skill set around subscription pricing, retention, and community building.

It’s been a ride!

I had to rethink how we create value (and what that value even is). I had to take a fresh approach to how we market and sell. And I had to reconsider what leadership looks like in a peer-to-peer support community.

This year—both as predicted and rushed along by the pandemic—has seen a wave of new community-based businesses.

And lots of people are learning just how different this skill set is!

I wanted to talk with someone else who has experienced this shift first hand and I was thrilled when Christianne Squires agreed to share her story.

Christianne is the founder of The Light House and, formerly, Bookwifery. You’re going to hear all about these two businesses—and what makes them different from each other over the course of this conversation.

You’ll also hear how Christianne has been nurturing her skills as a community builder and how that’s pushed her rethink how she creates value, what her people need from her, and what her role is in the community. Plus, we talk about a bonus skill: discernment.

Now, let’s find out what works for Christianne Squires!

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