The What Works Leadership Dashboard Notion Template

Plan For The Future, Adapt For Today

You need a plan that adapts to today’s needs and tomorrow’s ideas.

On one hand, you’re taking care of customers, managing urgent needs, and staying on top of the ever-evolving demands of your business. On the other, you’re thinking about the future, sorting through new ideas, and trying to answer all of the big questions you’re facing.

And at the end of the day, you might be facing different circumstances than you started the day with.

Traditional planning processes and tools have been built on following a linear plan with clear goals and expected results.

But small businesses don’t really work that way–not now, not ever. You need to plan for the future and adapt for today. 

You need a process and a tool that empowers you to manage new information, ideas, and priorities without losing track of big picture goals.

That’s why we developed The What Works Leadership Dashboard.

The Leadership Dashboard is designed to help you create adaptable plans for your business while helping you track what’s important today.

The result is a greater sense of confidence and ease as you lead, even when things are uncertain or evolving.

This system has been called life and business-changing—because it is. The Leadership Dashboard:

  • Captures big picture planning and daily task management on one page so your long-term projects never stall out
  • Flexes to fit your schedule and way of working so you can stay on top of things regardless of when you prefer to get things done
  • Provides structure while being completely customizable so you stick to your plans even if you rebel against rigid systems
  • Guides you through a yearly, quarterly, and weekly breakdown so you can plan for the future while keeping your eye on the day-to-day
  • Reorients your mindset away from achievement and toward growth & movement so you can focus on the headway you’re making instead of arbitrary goals

Here’s what’s included with The Leadership Dashboard:

  • A done-for-you Notion template for space to track your year, the quarter, and your week
  • The Commitment Blueprint system (8 interactive lessons) for activating change before you set goals
  • Interactive guide for planning your business’s Strategic Priorities and key projects for the year
  • Interactive guide for setting quarterly goals so you can break your big plans down into management steps
  • Guide for planning your weekly tasks so you’re balancing day-to-day execution with long-term movement
  • Guide for choosing Key Metrics to track so you know you’re making progress on the right things

One of the conundrums I’ve spent years working on in my business and leadership is finding the right tools to bridge between my huge, shiny, future vision and the small day-to-day tasks and steps that build towards that vision. Whiteboards, five or six different kinds of planners, online calendars and tools… I’ve used so many tools over the years, and sometimes they kind of work, but usually not for that long (hey, look, I’m a big picture thinker, and pretty rebellious to boot! ).

I started playing around with the Leadership Dashboard some months ago, and finally found a planning tool that clicked! I’m able to see the larger picture and goals for my company in one place, and also to plot my weekly schedule in the same place, and have enough flexibility built in to keep going with it. I’m leading my team with more focus as a result.

Kate Strathmann

Founder & Director, Wanderwell

I am someone that tends to get overwhelmed by big picture ideas. I have a tendency to focus on desired outcomes and end up missing out on the little things I must do along the way to get there. Instead, I procrastinate, move on to newer (loftier) projects and ultimately find myself off course in my business.

I’m able to give this honest assessment of my business-as-usual bad habits because The Leadership Dashboard called me out on my bullshit. It’s designed to lay out all of these bigger goals and projects and then focus on the weekly (and daily) action steps I need to take to get there. Until using the Leadership Dashboard, I didn’t think it was possible to have a planning tool with built-in-accountability. It’s helping me to lead myself and my business with a whole new perspective (and plan).

Hillary Rea

Founder, Tell Me A Story

Adapt for Today, Plan For The Future

Get The What Works Leadership Dashboard, including the done-for-you Notion template plus our step-by-step, section-by-section guides, for just $49.

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