EP 348: Knowing When To Get Out Of The Way With Let’s Do The Books Founder Mark Butler

Jul 27, 2021 | Mindset & Identity, Operations, Podcast

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In This Episode:

  • Why Let’s Do The Books founder Mark Butler has been working on getting out of the way for his team
  • How he’s evolved the way he works to take a break from creating chaos while still leaning into his strengths for experimentation and ideation
  • Why he’s focused on finding the space to quiet his mind
  • How he’s created an environment where his team members can really thrive in ownership of their work

Entrepreneurs have a reputation for having control issues.

They also have a reputation for being real idea people.

And what happens when you combine those two qualities? Well, it can be total chaos.

Chaos can be building a system then immediately trying to quote-unquote improve it.

Chaos can be hiring up a team but never really letting them do their jobs.

Chaos can also be trying do 10 different things at once and juggle them all yourself.

It’s not easy when it feels like your life or business are in chaos.

It’s hard to find the space to take a mental break, let alone some time away from work.

My buddy Mark Butler, has been working on lessening the chaos from the last few years and so I knew he was the perfect person to round out this series on taking a break.

Mark is the founder of Let’s Do The Books, as well as a CFO for 7 and 8-figure coaching businesses. He’s generous, rigorous, super fun to hang out with, and makes for great bear bait (that’s a story for another time).

Mark is actively working on quieting his mind, exploring how to create the best conditions for his team members to thrive, and learning when to get the heck out of the way—or else allow chaos to creep back in.

We talk about all of those things—plus how his high value for family influences the direction he’s taking his work-life.

Strap in.

Let’s find out what works for Mark Butler.

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