Introducing Small Business Masterclass

Mar 25, 2020 | Mindset & Identity, Money & Life

How are you holding up?

Hey, it’s Tara—and that’s the question I seem to be asking over and over again right now.

Now is the time to be taking care of yourself, thinking about new opportunities, and triaging the fallout. And no matter how you’re holding up right now, I hope you’re taking some time for yourself.

At the same time, you might be looking to learn some new skills or play with some new ideas for your small business. And I’d like to help.

We’re continuing to share the real-life stories of what’s working for small business owners like you right here on What Works.

But I’ve also launched a new podcast feed where I’m sharing and curating masterclasses designed to help you navigate a changing economy.

It’s called Small Business Masterclass and we’re covering topics like hosting virtual events, producing a standout podcast, responding quickly with new offers, productizing your services, and building financial resilience.

You can find Small Business Masterclass wherever you listen to What Works. And if you love it, I’d really appreciate it if you leave us a rating & review or share the new show with a friend or colleague. I know they’ll thank you!

Go behind the scenes to find out what’s really working to run & grow a small business today.

Tara McMullin

Tara McMullin

Host of What Works

Tara is a podcaster, small business community leader, and speaker. She’s been helping small business owners find what works for them for over a decade. Her goal is to push past the hype and facilitate candid conversations about doing business in the New Economy.